simploring 2017 (9) Frogs by Cica Ghost

Tuesday, February 7th, I came across “Cica’s Frogs in Second Life” in Inara Pey’s blog. Cica Ghost is an artist from Serbia, in Second Life since 2010. Cica’s art in Second Life has impressed me and I went exploring and discovering “Frogs by Cica Ghost” right away.

Feb 7th: Frogs by Cica Ghost

Feb 7th: Frogs by Cica Ghost

Frogs by Cica Ghost” is surreal. The landscape looks artificial, like a model, in particular as you can see how it was build with fiber mats. Nonetheless there’re flourishing flowers and some lonely trees. The island is dominated by huge giant frogs, which slowly jump up and down. Your avatar is really short in comparison to them. and you feel a bit scared beside them until you climb on them. On the top of the one hill of the island is a wall with a door. On one site an ugly girl is painting what might be a self portrait with a bubble that she’s dreaming of a prince just like in the fairytale “Frog King”. On the other side of the wall sits the same girl with a lollipop watchting tv (but it is not a tv, it is a box with a broken glas front and in the box is a christmas scene with a bald christmas tree). It is hard to guess what Cica wants to express with her installation and I assume everybody sees it different. As a human the scenery is a bit scary on the first glance.20170207-cicas-frogs_015
While I was visiting Cica Ghost herself showed up and she transformed herself into a frog. You can grab the frog avatar at the landing point and become one of the frogs, hence they are not giant anymore for you and you become part of the installation. I asked Cica which frog to kiss and of course she answered that nobody knows that. I agree with Inara, after a while I began to smile and enjoy “Frogs by Cica Ghost“. It is for sure unique, a virtual, creative and artful approach to the fairtale Frog King.20170207-cicas-frogs_014
Landmark to “Frogs by Cica Ghost”
Inara Pey’s blog “Cica’s Frogs in Second Life”

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