Diary 2017 (34) – The slaves in March

Wednesday night, March 1st, it was time to get the slaves into a new outfit. They had a month of relative freedom, not that much restricted and partly naked. In particular slave Flo and slave cecy, who were often online in February, seemed to be eager to get into something tight and strict again. Our slavin C and slave Adarra might not be that eager because they weren’t online that much in February, but they have no choice. Back to the outfit for March. Each slave will be treated individually in March with regard to the outfit.
For slavin C we selected a maid Dress from *KaS*. We added cuffs, and a harness gag and ballet boots to it.
For our head slave we selected a very strict and tight outfit, the venus corset and the Aphrodite hood from New Gate Workshop (NGW). I had Mistress Jenny in this tight outfit on the occasion of a green light in end of December 2016 (read here and here). So Mistress know very well how it feels and I know how to make it strict.
For our slave slut cecy, who enjoyed being a statue the last days, we selected a free but humiliating full catsuit with hood and a mouth pussy, the HybridZ Doll suit. We added cuffs and a gag inside to make it restrictive.
We were busy the whole night to adjust everything and we’re not done yet as slave Flo’s outfit isn’t set up fully yet. No blog post without a picture. Here’s one of Mistress Jenny and me with the slaves slut cecy, Flo and slavin C.

March, 1st at home: slavin C, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo, Diomita and slave slut cecy

March, 1st at home: slavin C, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo, Diomita and slave slut cecy

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