Simploring 2017: Addition to post (14) Seaside Slave Storage

Mindy McLane (ooomindycindyooo) commented on my simploring post: “Simploring 2017 (14) Seaside Slave Storage“, that I missed two rooms of the storage. I admit we didn’t go into the high security unit which is connected to the prison. So I went there Saturday, March 4th, again and had a look at it. 20170306-seaside-slave-storageYes, a nice an particularly safe and secure place to store slaves. The cages are in cages so there’s double security and when that is not enough, then there’s the annex to the high security area, with electronic locks and some special extras. Thank you for your comment, Mindy .. and again for providing Seaside Slave Storage to us all.

Landmark to Seaside Slave Storage:

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