Enjoying Bondage September 2018 – Hoods

For September we selected the *KaS* hobble dress in black with opened butt for our slaves. They will all look alike, with one little but important detail. Each slave wears a different hood. So far we have slave Flo and slave kelly wearing the September outfit. slave Gwen and slave Anne weren’t present at all lately and slave slut cecy’s online presence is still very limited, hence we don’t want to spoil her presence with changing into the outfit. We consider to keep the outfit through October this time.

For the enjoying bondage series I selected a picture taken at Mesmerize Dungeon on September 10th. I added a picture of Mistress Jenny and me at club DeLust for the background and I added our niece Angelique. This way the enjoying bondage picture for September also summarizes quite nicely our social life in the first half of September. From left to right: Angelique, Diomita, slave Flo, slave kelly, Mistress Jenny.

Diary 2018 (163) September 9th – The slave outfit for September (2)

Sunday afternoon, September 9th, I met with Angelique again. We had in mind to build an appropriate bathroom in our house already for a long while and Angelique had the assignment to find the right furniture and equipment. She found something nice and we went to the shop and had a closer look at the bathroom equipment. It’s not perfect and parts are still missing but it is a beginning. Returning home we made plans. I could close the open terrace where the whirlpool is now and thus we will gain the space for a bathroom. The whirlpool has to be moved somewhere else, perhaps to the naughty girls room. That will be a little project for the next weeks and months.

September 9th: Mistress Jenny, Angelique and Diomita at home

Angelique and I had just begun playing a round of skipee when Mistress Jenny came inworld. She joined us playing. Mistress Jenny had me still under strict control and once again I had to kneel while Angelique was standing and later sitting at the game table. It felt strange and I had in mind Angelique’s hints about Mistress Jenny having plans for me and her.
While we played I caught up with Mistress, in particular about my night with Angelique the day before (see Diary 2018 (162) September 8th – Diomita and Angelique). After the game Mistress Jenny took Angelique and me to our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer and she and Angelique had a seat while I knelt between Mistress Jenny and Angelique.

September 9th: Mistress Jenny and Angelique with Ehesklavin Diomita at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer

And then Mistress Jenny asked Angelique about her version of the night before and about the spanking. To make a longer story short, against all of my protests Mistress Jenny gave Angelique a spare key of my cuffs and of the Ehesklavin collar. What a nightmare! Now I know what Mistress Jenny and Angelique had planned. Thinking positive – the key will only work during red lights *sighs*.

September 9th: Mistress Jenny, Angelique and Diomita getting a visit from Askaria Rubber Maid Dana at our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer

Remember Dana (Dana Drezelan), our former slave? She’s still around and we had not seen her in a while. She came by for a visit – nicely wrapped up in a rubber maid encasement of Askaria. Too bad that we had to leave due to our RL and that we couldn’t take more advantage of her misery!

September 9th: Diomita putting slave Flo into her September slave outfit – Angelique watches

Sunday night was quite relaxed. Mistress Jenny was prevented from getting inworld again. When I returned inworld, slave Flo showed up and I put her in the September outfit – black *KaS* hobble dress and a hood. For slave Flo I selected the DHB Latex Heavy Fetish Hood. Angelique joined us and watched. When I was done with putting slave Flo into her outfit, she had to leave and Angelique and I had another round of skipee, before Angelique had to leave herself too.

Diary 2018 (149) August 14th – slave Anne

Tuesday afternoon, August 14th, I had some time for myself, that I used to sort inventory and to go shopping a bit (no pictures).

Tuesday night became busy. When I came inworld slave Flo was dusting the house and Angelique was playing greedy alone and Anne (AnneWanne) was present. She was at the landing point and she couldn’t move for what reason ever. Angelique and I began to help her. We tried a lot but nothing helped. After Anne had taken off all scripted items, she finally could move again. We added the cuffs, the boots, the chastity beld and the *KaS* hood step by step and the problem didn’t occur again. Mistress Jenny had joined us in the meanwhile.

August 14th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique with slave Anne (after solving the technical issue) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave Anne at home

Anne had prepared herself to join the August theme of our slaves – naked with a restricting *KaS* hood. As I requested she had coloured the hood in yellow. She had to colour her ballet boots in yellow too. After we had solved her technical issue, which took a while, the fun could begin – I began to lock her restraints step by step making her helpless. Then we went over to the house to meet slave Flo and to take a few pictures of our 5th slave in the August outfit: slave kelly (black), slave gwen (white), slave Leana (dark blue), slave Flo (red) and now slave Anne (yellow).

August 14th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo and slave Anne at home / slave Anne’s (restricted) view on Mistress Jenny and Diomita

slave Anne provided a few pictures of her restricted view, one with a clear vision and one with a grid restricting it. She even managed to have Mistress Jenny and me exactly in her view, well done slave.

August 14th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo storing slave Anne into “her” display box

Angelique had to leave us and Mistress Jenny and I took slave Flo and slave Anne to Psi’s realm to expose them a bit. Like often it was full at Psi’s realm and we had a bit of fun. But it also had become late already again and soon after we brought the slaves back home. I had in mind to add a 5th display box for slave Anne at our porch, and I will if we ever get all 5 slaves online at the same time which is very unlikely. And as slave Flo has to clean our house we don’t lock her in a display box at night so that she can do her chores. Hence slave Anne could take slave Flo’s box as “her” display box.

August 14th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm with slave Flo and slave Anne / Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club DeLust

Mistress Jenny and I went to club DeLust for a short time to wind down before we called it a night for us too.

Diary 2018 (146) August 11th – an unexpected night

Saturday, August 11th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon for an hour. She told me off because I changed the colour of my Ehesklavin collar twice without her permission. Mistress was not really angry but she had a point there and she had to address it. She spanked me more playfully than seriously and I was happy that she took it this way.
As a light punishment she exposed me at Heavy Bondage Club and had me wear the serious shackles that I really dislike as they are clumpsy. We spend about 20 minutes at Heavy Bondage Club, then Mistress took me back to our skybox and we had some time for togetherness (no pictures of that *winks*).

August 11th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club

Our night turned out to be really surprising. First we met with slave Flo and Angelique at home and we caught up with RL and SL news. Then Anne (AnneWanne) showed up, our last Rubber Rockel Doll, still in her personal cage on our porch. Anne had a longer summer vacation and stayed in touch with us over this time. Now she’s back – and we do have plans for her that include realizing her “rubber project”. After some teasing and after Angelique had left us, Anne was ready to leave her Rubber Rocket Doll suit, to take a shower and to come back to us.

August 11th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with Angelique and slave Flo and with Rubber Rocket Doll Anne

I had planned to fit Anne into our August slave outfit with the *KaS* hood and I know that her “rubber project” will be easier with a meshbody and besides that, it was about time she had switch to mesh. Hence I went to Maitreya with her and she got the Maitreya Lara meshbody.
Back at home and while slave Flo and I watched Mistress Jenny guided her perfectly through the first steps of wearing a meshbody. She did that to perfection and I admit that I admire her for how she did it. Anne got a first catsuit to try out layers and she got some boots and a chastity belt from D’Evil. As she already owns a *KaS* hood, she’s almost ready for the August slave outfit.

August 11th: Anne is back and getting a meshbody / slave slut cecy dancing at club DeLust

We spent most of the evening helping Anne doing her first steps with a meshbody. After slave Flo had left to bed, slave slut cecy showed up and had to wait until Mistress Jenny had finished her meshbody lesson. And after Ane had left, Mistress Jenny and I took slave slut cecy to club DeLust where we chilled while slut danced for us and all the other guests.
Once again, a night that went really different from what we thought it would be, but that’s Second Life. And the surprise is part of our fun, even when it is helping with more or less technical issues. We look forward to getting a fair return on investment (of time) in form of fun with Anne.

Diary 2018 (137) July 31st – Flo’s Latex Heavy Fetish Hood

Tuesday, July 31st, I met with Jenny in the afternoon. Angelique, slave Gwen and soon after also slave Leana were also present. slave Gwen is now, just like slave kelly, wearing the *KaS” Hood collar and quite restricted and suffering for Jenny and me.
Jenny, Angelique and I went playing a round of skipee and I began to set up slave Leana in the very same outfit while we played. It turned out to take a bit longer doing that. After we ended our game, Jenny had to leave to her RL and I finished setting up slave Leana, she got it in navy blue. I will soon add a picture of slave Leana … but that afternoon, I forgot again taking at least one picture.

When I came inworld at night, there was none of the slaves present. Jenny was prevented getting inworld due to her RL. After a while I decided to use my time alone and went simploring (the post about my simploring tour will be published soon). And while I was simploring slave Flo came inworld. She’s is enjoying a lot of freedom since she got her new meshbody. She did a lot of updates to her gear and she also bought some new gear, like the DHB chastity belt. There must be a secret sponsor *winks*.

When I returned home and met her, she told me that she also bought the DHB Latex Heavy Fetish Hood, a very strict hood with breathing bags. But she had problems getting it to work. It simply didn’t show. She wrote to the creator describing her problem already but she got no answer for 2 days now. I told her to wear the hood for me and I tried it myself vainly, it simply didn’t show, but it seems to work. At least I got a menu with many options. Hence I took slave Flo to the store, where she bought it, hoping that we could get some advice there.

July 31st: Diomita and slave Flo at home and at the DHB store

I got the demo for myself and continued playing with the menu – again in vain. As I had seen the hood quite often before, I had the idea to go to our usual clubs, maybe we could find someone wearing it and get the answer for the problem. We went to Mesmerize Dungeon, club DeLust and Heavy Bondage Club. And at Heavy Bondage club we finally had success. Pamela Emmons had the same hood. She was not wearing it, but she put it on for us. And we found the reason. You have to set breathing restrictions – then it shows!
We went back home and tried it – taadaa, problem solved.

July 31st: Diomita and slave Flo wearing the Latex Heavy Fetish Hood

It’s about time slave Flo got restricted again, I get the impression she misses it badly. Yet it won’t be her new Latex Heavy Fetish Hood, it will be the slave outfit for August with the *KaS* hood.

Diary 2018 (136) July 29th/30th – hooded slaves

Sunday, July 29th, I went on a simploring tour (to be published tomorrow) and I spent quite some time exploring and later writing. My night was relaxed. I met with Jenny, Angelqiue and slave Flo, but Angelique had to leave soon after. Jenny, slave Flo and I played a round a skipee during which slave slut cecy appeared online, still being leashed at our Stonehaven wall. She had to wait there until we had finished playing. That alone was not easy for our attention whore.
When we had finished, slave Flo left for bed and Jenny and I took slut cecy to club DeLust where she had to dance for us and the other guests once again. And that’s it already about Sunday. Incredible, but I forgot to take any pictures.

July 30th at our decking at home: Diomita with Angelique and slave Gwen, Jenny with slave kelly

Monday, July 30th, I met with Jenny and Angelique and went to our decking. We had not that much time, starting anything, but I took slave Gwen out of the isolation cell and picked up slave kelly from her iso cell in the dungeon. While I cuddled with Angelique slave Gwen tend to my pumps and licked them eagerly. Jenny got a massage from slave kelly. And we had a bit of chit chat.
When Jenny had left, I brought slave kelly and slave Gwen to the isolation by the decking and locked them together in it. slave Gwen was not gagged but wearing her cheastity belt. slave kelly’s main restriction is her hood and her view is restricted and she has to stay in mouselook. I wonder what the two slaves did together in the cell. I hope, that they enjoyed it.

My night began with a visit to club DeLust, where Angelique hang around. We chatted just a bit and I had fun looking at a little latex toy sliding over the floor without legs and arms. I first thought it was a vehicle, but obviously it wasn’t *grins.

July 30th at club DeLust: Diomita and Angelique and the little latex toy

I went home and picked up slave kelly and slave Gwen at the isolation cell by our decking. I had shopping in mind and took them and Angelique to the *KaS* store, where we all crashed badly *sighs*. It took a while to come back online and to get things as they were before and the shop wasn’t longer available, obviously the sim crashed. I knew that there is another KaS store in a moderate sim, but I was too lazy to dress the slaves. Luckily Angelique knew of another KaS store and there we went and both slaves got *KaS* hoods.

July 30th – a shopping tour with impediments: Diomita and Angelique with slave kelly and slave Gwen

Back home Angelique had to leave and slave Flo joined us. I spent most of the rest of this night with setting up the slaves gear to my liking. slave Gwen got the hood in white and her other gear was consequently coloured white too. slave kelly is looking quite similar but all in black.
The *KaS* hood offers a nice view restriction in form of a HUD that covers their monitor and both slaves are now view restricted. In combination with mouselook, it provides a clear and sensable restriction, so that they can suffer for me *grins*.
slave Flo watched me “working”. She is not yet in her *KaS* hood as she is still updating her stuff for her new maitreya body, but now she knows already what is to come for her too. I just need to decide about the colour for her … maybe red?

July 30th – Diomita with the hooded slaves kelly and Gwen and with slave Flo / Diomita and slave kelly / slave kelly’s and slave Gwen’s restricted view

After slave Flo and slave Gwen had left, I went to the house with slave kelly and she was allowed to kiss my feet for a bit. It has been a busy but nice Monday night – for me.

Diary 2017 (101) June 24th / 25th – Maurer’s slave pet

Saturday, June 24th, I had some time with Maddie, our newest addition. She’s a nice and good roleplayer and fun. Well, I have fun at least and that is what slaves and subs are for, aren’t they?

Satuday night slavin C was online. She had cleaned the house, which was already more than dirty. slavin C asked Jenny and me to become our slave pet a while ago and we agreed. What was missing was the right outfit, like the *KaS* puppy suit. She got it Saturday night. At the *KaS* store I met Amalia (amalia.illois) with a maid and we chatted a bit mostly about maids and how difficult it is to get good and willing maids. She promised, that she will send a maid over to us in a few days to clean the house again. I’m curious if she really does *winks*.
Mistress Jenny and I took slavin C with us to Mesmerize Dungeon where we spent a bit of time and slavin C could enjoy her new puppy suit before we took her back to her cell at home, at “the Keep”. With my permission slavin C changed her display name into “Maurer’s s.lave pet”.

Anything else for the diary? Yes. Sunday, June 25th, Mistress Jenny replaced my jewelery collar with the thick leather and steel collar expressing that she took back full control. It came a bit surprising for me but being her Ehesklavin, her slave wife, I had no say in this matter. And hence this diary ends how it began, as a good slave wife, I have to please Mistress Jenny first of all :-).

Diary 2017 (34) – The slaves in March

Wednesday night, March 1st, it was time to get the slaves into a new outfit. They had a month of relative freedom, not that much restricted and partly naked. In particular slave Flo and slave cecy, who were often online in February, seemed to be eager to get into something tight and strict again. Our slavin C and slave Adarra might not be that eager because they weren’t online that much in February, but they have no choice. Back to the outfit for March. Each slave will be treated individually in March with regard to the outfit.
For slavin C we selected a maid Dress from *KaS*. We added cuffs, and a harness gag and ballet boots to it.
For our head slave we selected a very strict and tight outfit, the venus corset and the Aphrodite hood from New Gate Workshop (NGW). I had Mistress Jenny in this tight outfit on the occasion of a green light in end of December 2016 (read here and here). So Mistress know very well how it feels and I know how to make it strict.
For our slave slut cecy, who enjoyed being a statue the last days, we selected a free but humiliating full catsuit with hood and a mouth pussy, the HybridZ Doll suit. We added cuffs and a gag inside to make it restrictive.
We were busy the whole night to adjust everything and we’re not done yet as slave Flo’s outfit isn’t set up fully yet. No blog post without a picture. Here’s one of Mistress Jenny and me with the slaves slut cecy, Flo and slavin C.

March, 1st at home: slavin C, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo, Diomita and slave slut cecy

March, 1st at home: slavin C, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo, Diomita and slave slut cecy

Enhancing the living latex doll outfit

Following a spontaneous idea I took slave Nina to Eclectic Randomness store inworld and got a single latex hair tail for her, that can be coloured in 2 colours. I was very happy with the result. The living latex doll outfit consists now of a Zentai Latex catsuit and a MCorset (both sold by Lali’s Shiny Nylon), *KaS* – Ballet boots, a *KaS* – chastity belt (or T&T belt in latex), the pacifier gag from MoDesign and the above single Latex ponytail. slave Nina made a picture of herself with the new addition that is originally posted on her dA page. And last night we also got the latex ponytial for slave Flo. The other living latex dolls will sure follow getting the latex ponytail.
20160118 living latex dolls slave Nina and slave Flo

Puppy fun

Puppies Diomita and Jenny

December 26th: Puppies Diomita and Jenny

Last night Jenny and I had really some fun. Tyra and Virgo gave us *KaS* puppy suits for christmas. There are items you would not buy for yourself – the puppy suit is one of it.  I saw it a couple of days before already and it became quickly popular in the bdsm-scene in Second Life. Anyway, now that we have the suits, we had to try them out and we did. The picture above shows us when we tried them on the first time. They feel quite more comfy than they look like. Just that the breasts are hanging out and down like udders.
Jenny, as the more playful part of us two, searched the marketplace and found an according puppy hood that fits well to the suit (hint: look at Lali’s Shiny Nylon sold by Lali Kamala). So last night we had our second test.

December 27th: Puppies Diomiat (left) and Jenny (right)

December 27th: Puppies Diomita (left) and Jenny (right)

Of course we had to present ourself as puppies to Virgo and Tyra, so our first visit was at their home and both were pleased to see us as puppies and could sense the fun we had. Next we went to Ropers playground but unfortunately that was quite empty. But then Argi came online and from the picture below you can see how much fun she had with the puppies (and we had fun too!). What a great gift, Tyra and Virgo. Thank you! I’m pretty sure that we will have more fun with the puppy suits. Well and they can also be something really mean within a session.
20151227 Tyra and Virgo with the puppies Jenny and Diomita

Argi and the puppies Diomita (left) and Jenny (right)

Argi and the puppies Diomita (left) and Jenny (right)