Simploring 2017 (17) Club Fem Manor

When we’re visiting clubs we often read profiles and this is another source for exploring other sims. I found a pick in Kel (kellyshackles)’s profile that led me to Club Fem Manor. Kel described it as follows: “A large manor house for ladies only Straight, Lesbian or Bisexual. Meet, make friends, party or play. Events and DJ’s will be held at various stages for various time zones. Free to use photostudio also available.”20170303-club-fem-manor_010I arrived in the main entrance hall of the manor and first went outside to see the surrounding. The manor is actually placed in a skybox but has a garden, where you can find the above mentioned photostudio and the outside disco. The manor offers a lot of space inside. On the 1st floor is large room with dance poles and enough seating possibilities. On the 2nd Floor are separate rooms for Play, a dungeon room as well as a bedrooom, a room with an oversized large bed (I leave it to your imagination for what it is for) and a room that might possibly serve as a classroom for submissive girls. There I saw again the pet’s cage that I first saw when I was exploring Days of O (see here).

Club Fem Manor_ Diomita in the pet's cage. It really seems as if I like to pose in it *winks*

Club Fem Manor: Diomita in the pet’s cage. It really seems as if I like to pose in it *winks*

20170303-club-fem-manor_006The Club Fem Manor is for sure a nice place to meet. During my visit I was all alone and didn’t meet anyone. I might come back at another time or probably use one of the rooms when the right occasion turns up.

Landmark for Club Fem Manor:

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