Simploring 2017 (13) – Days of O

Thursday, February 23rd, I went simploring. As Mistress Jenny had locked the clumpsy wrist shackles on me (see yesterday’s blog entry). I decided to look at the SL destination guide for an adult sim for my simploring tour. The first entry caught my attention “Days of O“.
The landmark description sounds promising: “Story of O is a tale of female submission involving a beautiful Parisian fashion photographer named O, who is taught to be constantly available for intercourse. Come, live and write your Story of O with your friends, subs, Masters or pets!”20170223-days-of-o_020
My visit was in the afternoon, for sure not a time where you expect many people. But I was alone at Days of O and I stayed alone during my one hour visit.
Days of O is a very well made sim. At the landing point you get some information and you can look at a map for orientation and to decide what you want to see. The sim is full of places to cuddle and to dream, the forest and park around the buildings is photogenic. There are several Buildings: the Roissy Mansion, the pantheon (that replaced the bath-house), a greenhouse, a barn and an resident home (that replaced the auction room). All buildings are furnished with style and with love for the detail. I really liked what I saw. Here are some impressions..20170223-days-of-o_021
20170223-days-of-o_022I tested in detail the pet’s cage and it’s animation in the residence house. Overall I had a very relaxed hour at Days of O.20170223-days-of-o_023
The sim is owned and created by Mako Vitti (fluxie.aeon). According to his profile, there a Social Mix Party every Sunday evening (which timezone?) “Join us, come as you are, and blend in :)”
As opposed to the notecard that I got when entering Days of O I had not to join the group and to pay a fee for it just for visiting the sim.
Landmark to “Days of O”

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