The Victorian Corset Story – Part II

The following story was written by our slave Flo. Mistress Jenny and I did some revisions and formatting. After discussing it with slave Flo we agreed not to change the names of the acting persons but to keep them as they have some similarity to us in Second Life.
I will add some pictures, that do not fit with the story itself but fit with the theme.

Victorian Story part 2
2025 comeback of Victorian corset?

Florence felt the corset start to tighten the whole length at once, her hips, waist and chest had no time to adjust the tight fit. She bit her lips so she would not upset the Officer, like Cecy had and tried to get enough air to breath. Down her hips the embrace was close and almost comfy but on her ribcage it became painful – she struggled and fumbled on the corset to help herself.
“Thats ‘medium’ Florence – you are a good one, now relax next 10 Minutes and then be prepared as the machine will close the laces fully. Take a deep breath if you ever can”
It was the first time Officer Diomita had smiled. The waister worked now much slower and you could tell from the noise that the force was quite heavy to pull tight. It took about 8 minutes of fighting and moaning by Florence until the corset was fully closed.
“Fine let’s measure what we got”
Florence now had her waist reduced to 27 inches for the first time. She took small breathes and as soon as the laces had been knotted and she was released, she started to turn and look at herself at the mirror. She was impressed, then asked shyly
“May I slip off the corset now Officer Diomita?”
That caused another eye contact and a silent shake of her head.
“Our engineers had made some more special parts to this corset and until all is checked it will remain on. Let’s move further, we have a nice necklace that will suit you well”.
Cecy took a small piece that was reinforced in length and had a special form. She guided it around Florences neck. Cecy had paid a lot of attention to use all of the grommets and laced first manually in a loose form. The Officer explained that in the early stage the neck collar should be tighten by hand.
 “See this is like a jewel on a ladys throat. Goes up 3 inches when well laced and helps to get a proud and elegant presentation of any female.”
Florence tried to lower her head but felt that the movement was lightly restricted. Officer explained that the neck corset contains four parts moulded in carbon fibre to the exact outline of Florence’s Neck. This way it will be hard as steel but lightweight to wear. Diomita, the officer, took a small padlock and then locked the neck corset. Florence was quite shocked and tried to grab and pull on the lock as the Officer turned and brought next item to test. She ordered Florence to put her hands on her back, palms touching while she rapidly slid a monoglove over her arms. Before Florence could react, her arms where encased in a matching item like the corset. Her hands pulled hard against each other by the snug fit and the external strap. Also her elbows where forced to touch and her breathing became much harder. Her chest was pushed much stronger into the small busk of the corset.
Flo whimpered and begged to be released but the reaction from Officer Diomita was very stern.

“We are not done now”

slave Flo, Diomita, slave cecy and Mistress Jenny in front of a newly opened shop

“For the first Fashion show of VCS Victorian Corset Society we have many more items to test, to modify  and test again. Next are your legs – we have something to make your walk more feminine”.With an evil grin she showed the ‘ballet trainers’ – braces to fix the leg below knee to toe with several leather straps that keep the feet in straight line with the leg bone. This was so painful, Florence started to complain and whimpered.

“You signed to work as volunteer Florence, you are being well paid and you knew about the project and how we handle volunteers so no more complaining!”
“But Officer, please …. I cant bear all this at once”
“I will show you, how you can! We expected such a reaction and therefore we created some items that need to be tested as well, so we started already with some of those on you dear Florence. Cecy, reach for the blue box over there”
Officer took a first item out of the box and showed in front of the whimpering Florence.
“open your mouth!”
Officer roughly pushed the penis shaped gag between Flo’s lips. Then Florence had to open even more until her lips reached the front plate that touched her lips. She could feel that her teeth had became trapped in some kind of pockets and she could no more touch them with her tongue. A set of straps had been pulled tight and pushed the gag deeper in her mouth. Her chin was pulled upwards and was pressing her jaw against the gagging device. The Harness sealed any sounds and forced Florence to concentrate to swallow her drool. Her eyes where showing rolling tears and a faint crying escaped the now only opening left, her nose.
    Officer took the next item out of the box and this was a very special double padded leather hood. Its purpose was to cover gag straps, ears and eyes, leaving only the part of the gag uncovered.
 “Cecy” go on and lace the hood to maximum tightness, then slide the zipper over the laces and lock the hood with this padlock.”
 Florence was now in horror as all her senses had been cut. She could only hear very faint voices, her eyes where harshly pressed shut by the padding. The way Florence was now restricted, with a boned corset from knee to shoulders, the neck corset, ballet trainers, gag and hood made her fighting for air – but no more complaining. Her breath become very faint and she only felt the world and all her senses gone. She passed out?

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