The Victorian Corset Story – Part III

The following story was written by our slave Flo. Mistress Jenny and I did some revisions and formatting. After discussing it with slave Flo we agreed not to change the names of the acting persons but to keep them as they have some similarity to us in Second Life.
I will add some pictures, that do not fit with the story itself but fit with the theme.

Read part I here and part II here.

Victorian Story part 3
2025 comeback of Victorian corset?

Cecy shivered at Florence’s side. She was worried that Flo ‘s health might be at risk because of all the things that had been applied and how tight they looked.  Maybe somebody laced  this way in a Victorian corset could suffocate and die while the release could not be done very easily. It would take many minutes to release all these ‘fashion style restrictions’.
 “I have medical skills Cecy, I know well how much “our” volunteers can take, and her waist is far not at the target, where it will be in 6 months, at 18 inches!”
Officer Diomita was prepared as Florence fainted and used strong smelling salts to get the volunteer back to consciousness. The only visible sign was to see her faintly struggling and her breath become more regular. Something unexpected appeared but was hidden under the corset.
Florence never felt this anytime before, she was moist and a never known arousal hit her.
That moment Lady Jenny joined and told everyone that she will be called Mistress by all her employees and volunteers – only in public she has to be addressed as Lady Jenny.
With her forefinger she poked the encased Florence and smiled.
“I guess Flo has some secrets and new experiences. Most Victorian corseted ones report from a arousal and something like a untouched orgasm. She will tell us, won’t you Flo?”
A faint grunt was the only reaction of poor Flo.
“What’s up next Officer Diomita?”
“Well, Florence will stay like this. She was not the kind of cooperate we expect Mistress Jenny. The punishment on her head will stay for another hour. Then we try to to see her sharing with us as ‘we like’.”
“For Cecy I have some kind of the new underwear to test meanwhile”
Cecy’s eyes widened at this announcement but she hesitated to comment in fear what she saw happen to Flo.
“The yellow bag please Cecy and then strip naked.”]
Cecy folded her garments and placed them all in a drawer. Officer Diomita took them with a cold glare,  “don’t need them next 7 days!”
7 days? No clothes, no underwear. All became very strange for cecy but within seconds she was ordered to fold her arms across her boobs. A white armless jacket was fitted around her upper body and made her helpless, or better to say ‘happy’ – she likes and is very experienced in bondage, unlike Florence.
Officer Diomita guided Cecy into the near bathroom. There she placed Cecy into shower and fixed the front ring of the jacket with a short chain to a ring about 1 meter from floor. This forced Cecy to bend at her hips and present prominently her intimates.
With a hose pipe the officer splashed cold water on Cecy’s cunt and ass. She showed no excuse at the struggling Cecy and just powered up the stream even more.
It looked like the sadistic Officer was happy to do so ‘because she can’.
As the cooled body parts went red the Officer stopped. The towel she used was not soft, no, it was scratching and the dry effect hurt by strong rubbing.
This caused Cecy to whimper and the Officer honoured this immediately with a sharp slap on her butt. Next,  Cecy was guided by the chain into the dressing room where she had to bend over a hip high bench.
Her legs where spread and tied with leather locked cuffs to the clamps waiting the locks. The Officer took some black medical gloves and used lube to smear over her cunt, deep inside, and around sphincter.
Cecy struggled knowing very well that there would be some special treatments planned for her. The big black looking plug was close 5 cm  in largest diameter and 15 cm length.
She saw the attached bulb and had no doubts that this would soon be placed in her back hole. Officer Diomita told her to relax and begun to push and widen until she could push them hard in.
“Good Girl” she whispered, “Mistress did the right choice with you, little maso slut”.
Next item was a huge black/silver looking dildo.
“These silver pads here can give you either pleasure or pain, depending your cooperation and my mood too…..”.
She had no problem to slip the intruder in Cecy’s almost dripping cunt. At the end she secured both blow up guests with a harness that held them tight in place and had a small surprise at the spot where the sensitive spot of Cecy’s clit was touched.
Two pins, not as sharp to really pinch, but to make good contact had been placed in the reinforced shield.
“This is cyber technique, slut Cecy, no need for power supply as the toy itself creates electricity from your own heat and moisture” commented Officer Diomita while she locked the belt with a electronic/electromagnetic lock.
She showed Cecy her smart phone with the new App ‘teleguide and pleasure’.
“This app is free for anyone. It has a search function to connect to any such device nearby. This might be fun at parties when you can be either teased or even tortured by anyone.”Just as this was happening Mistress Jenny came back to check and immediately used the App and sent a short impulse at Cecy’s clit. Not painful, really arousing but to short to make pleasure.
Cecy shrugged and whispered “ouuuwww…. what surprise Officer …mmmhhhh”.

The Victorian Corset Story part 3: Officer Diomita with Florence and Cecy

Inside her jacket Cecy felt the heat and her sweating but no way to move her hands. She would have given any promise to get more of this teasing.

Mistress Diomita smiled
“now I like to stop this feeling immediately” and a sharp stitch hit her. “this was only level 3 of ten, more to come dear volunteer.”
“We have time to reach the top and you can report afterwards how this toys make you be silent and obedient.”
Officer Diomita played with the App, teasing touches followed by sharp level 3 hits.
“Once in combination with full Victorian corset, restricted arms in reverse prayer, the Victorian lady’s will show her pride and silence on every corset party. You two, Cecy and Flo can be proud that you have been part of the development of the latest and best Victorian corsets”.
“Officer Diomita, please release Florence from hood and gag, then let her report how she will cooperate in the next steps”. “Well, Mistress, I will visit your office as soon both volunteers finished this first day outfit test.”    (end of part 3)

The Victorian Corset Story – Part II

The following story was written by our slave Flo. Mistress Jenny and I did some revisions and formatting. After discussing it with slave Flo we agreed not to change the names of the acting persons but to keep them as they have some similarity to us in Second Life.
I will add some pictures, that do not fit with the story itself but fit with the theme.

Victorian Story part 2
2025 comeback of Victorian corset?

Florence felt the corset start to tighten the whole length at once, her hips, waist and chest had no time to adjust the tight fit. She bit her lips so she would not upset the Officer, like Cecy had and tried to get enough air to breath. Down her hips the embrace was close and almost comfy but on her ribcage it became painful – she struggled and fumbled on the corset to help herself.
“Thats ‘medium’ Florence – you are a good one, now relax next 10 Minutes and then be prepared as the machine will close the laces fully. Take a deep breath if you ever can”
It was the first time Officer Diomita had smiled. The waister worked now much slower and you could tell from the noise that the force was quite heavy to pull tight. It took about 8 minutes of fighting and moaning by Florence until the corset was fully closed.
“Fine let’s measure what we got”
Florence now had her waist reduced to 27 inches for the first time. She took small breathes and as soon as the laces had been knotted and she was released, she started to turn and look at herself at the mirror. She was impressed, then asked shyly
“May I slip off the corset now Officer Diomita?”
That caused another eye contact and a silent shake of her head.
“Our engineers had made some more special parts to this corset and until all is checked it will remain on. Let’s move further, we have a nice necklace that will suit you well”.
Cecy took a small piece that was reinforced in length and had a special form. She guided it around Florences neck. Cecy had paid a lot of attention to use all of the grommets and laced first manually in a loose form. The Officer explained that in the early stage the neck collar should be tighten by hand.
 “See this is like a jewel on a ladys throat. Goes up 3 inches when well laced and helps to get a proud and elegant presentation of any female.”
Florence tried to lower her head but felt that the movement was lightly restricted. Officer explained that the neck corset contains four parts moulded in carbon fibre to the exact outline of Florence’s Neck. This way it will be hard as steel but lightweight to wear. Diomita, the officer, took a small padlock and then locked the neck corset. Florence was quite shocked and tried to grab and pull on the lock as the Officer turned and brought next item to test. She ordered Florence to put her hands on her back, palms touching while she rapidly slid a monoglove over her arms. Before Florence could react, her arms where encased in a matching item like the corset. Her hands pulled hard against each other by the snug fit and the external strap. Also her elbows where forced to touch and her breathing became much harder. Her chest was pushed much stronger into the small busk of the corset.
Flo whimpered and begged to be released but the reaction from Officer Diomita was very stern.

“We are not done now”

slave Flo, Diomita, slave cecy and Mistress Jenny in front of a newly opened shop

“For the first Fashion show of VCS Victorian Corset Society we have many more items to test, to modify  and test again. Next are your legs – we have something to make your walk more feminine”.With an evil grin she showed the ‘ballet trainers’ – braces to fix the leg below knee to toe with several leather straps that keep the feet in straight line with the leg bone. This was so painful, Florence started to complain and whimpered.

“You signed to work as volunteer Florence, you are being well paid and you knew about the project and how we handle volunteers so no more complaining!”
“But Officer, please …. I cant bear all this at once”
“I will show you, how you can! We expected such a reaction and therefore we created some items that need to be tested as well, so we started already with some of those on you dear Florence. Cecy, reach for the blue box over there”
Officer took a first item out of the box and showed in front of the whimpering Florence.
“open your mouth!”
Officer roughly pushed the penis shaped gag between Flo’s lips. Then Florence had to open even more until her lips reached the front plate that touched her lips. She could feel that her teeth had became trapped in some kind of pockets and she could no more touch them with her tongue. A set of straps had been pulled tight and pushed the gag deeper in her mouth. Her chin was pulled upwards and was pressing her jaw against the gagging device. The Harness sealed any sounds and forced Florence to concentrate to swallow her drool. Her eyes where showing rolling tears and a faint crying escaped the now only opening left, her nose.
    Officer took the next item out of the box and this was a very special double padded leather hood. Its purpose was to cover gag straps, ears and eyes, leaving only the part of the gag uncovered.
 “Cecy” go on and lace the hood to maximum tightness, then slide the zipper over the laces and lock the hood with this padlock.”
 Florence was now in horror as all her senses had been cut. She could only hear very faint voices, her eyes where harshly pressed shut by the padding. The way Florence was now restricted, with a boned corset from knee to shoulders, the neck corset, ballet trainers, gag and hood made her fighting for air – but no more complaining. Her breath become very faint and she only felt the world and all her senses gone. She passed out?

The Victorian Corset Story – Part I

The following story was written by our slave Flo. Mistress Jenny and I did some revisions and formatting. After discussing it with slave Flo we agreed not to change the names of the acting persons but to keep them as they have some similarity to us in Second Life.
I will add some pictures, that do not fit with the story itself but fit with the theme.

Victorian Story part 1
2025 comeback of Victorian corset?

Madame Jenny Maurer became pretty wealthy with the death of her husband. He was a very successful banker who knew every type of trick to earn money from even empty fields. He was somebody who didn’t care about the law as long as he was able to buy lawyers. He met his fate when an angry bugged customer shot him with more then 40 bullets from a machine gun.
    Most of his money had been spread all over the world, hidden by tax offices in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore and The Cayman Islands. Mr. Maurer was so  clever that even his lawyers each knew only the account of one single country. Every lawyer had signed a contract so  that in the worst case, should he die then each Lawyer would get a huge payment if they supported his loved wife to receive an easy life without him. So after a period of six months Madame Maurer got the first 15 million € on her account, and she knew that from this day on she will get the same amount every six months.
It was one of Madame Maurer’s dreams, since she saw the collection of some fashion corsets on the show 2020 in Milano, to build up her own business. She could never understand why the Victorian Epoch, had showed such nice young women, well mannered ladies with tiny waists, has found his end in the past close 1900. Those wonderful figures attracted her so much that she decided there must be a comeback – and she would start her own business with the goal to be the world’s first and best institute for corsets in Victorian style.
First of all she started a short business plan. There must be a community around the whole world who would be interested or addicted to wearing or viewing ladies in corsets. She started a research of addresses of Internet users who searched about corsets. She had some more plans in mind with this form of dressing and also included words as „Victorian, stays, high heel, lacing“. Equipped with those nearly 100’000 addresses she made the next step. She searched for sewer as she planned to have all in same house, the manufacturing, the boutique and also a part that she called “Institute” where customers can be supported in her new world of Victorian 2025.
     With some advertising she also searched for volunteers and people with high medical skills to have even the part of health at your side. Marketing specialists where hired to create appropriate websites, create newsletters, and do research of customers from both sides, men who would like to have a wife wearing a corset and women who dreamed of a slim waist. It was that easy as the mankind this century lives to much in overflow and most women have become body shapes far from „normal BMI“. VCS – in short – Victorian Corset Society was the name of the new Company.
    All personal hired were put through a very specific assessment program and had to sign for loyalty and absolute confidence about all project issues of the company. In return  they got well paid and participated on companies profit annually.  That way a sewer would earn close 10.000 € / month and the volunteers up to 8.000 € / month. Money was really no matter – the only goal was to become the best world wide. The factory had been best equipped with latest computer aided cutting systems for different materials such as normal cotton fabric, silk, and even leather, latex, steel and carbon fibres. A small part was for the mechanic engineer who had to create parts for its use on corsets and add-ons.
Madame Maurer did not like to run much of daily work, more she preferred to be creative and find solutions with the manufacture procedures; while the person responsible for the final checks and use had been a former military officer who treated soldiers to become strong. Her name was Diomita or to be called most time officer Diomita. She was in her early fifties, well trained body and a voice that could cut steel if it was needed. On the other hand she had her own personality that was closely hidden and no one ever could catch her heart. By June 1st, 2021 everything was set to proceed and the first corsets purchased on the market had been cut in parts, modified and became ready to be shown by the volunteers.
     Florence Riddler was one of them, with a relatively good shaped figure but a waist about 35 inches. For her it was the first time to get laced in a corset to transform her waist. Together with 2 other volunteers they have received instructions about everything needing to dress in Victorian style. So they became aware about lacing bar, tightening with the „waister“ a machine that is computer controlled to pull laces in a specific defined force. All they had to do was to be prepared at any time to change and help to test the garments coming from manufacture.

Florence waited patiently just in her bloomers, covering her nude well sized 32D Cups boobs with her hands as officer Diomita came and handed the corset to the second volunteer, Cecilia, a tall girl in her early twenties and rather small breasts.

The Victorian corset story: Madame Jenny and Officer Diomita with Florence and Cecilia

„You will now do all lacing on Florence so that we can test the „waister“ for its first time for real“.

The corset was made to slip  over the arms below the shoulder straps and covered the body just down to crotch. Cecilia was trying her best,  but officer Diomita did not have the patience, to her things were moving much too slow. She commanded in sharp voice to hurry and that made Cecilia become distracted. The bust part was close to the size for Florence but Madame decided to reduce the cups a bit as the boobs would pop upwards and mark a much sexier cleavage. While the laces had been attached to the waister Florence could not resist to slide her hands over the smooth fabric with a shy smile.
     The officer started the waister to watch the laces been pulled continuously. The corset started to embrace Florence and with easy setting, made to minimal pull, the waister stopped as the gap was about 3 inches. The officer checked the lacing and then silently pointed at the two rivets, Cecilia had forgot to pull the laces trough.
Shaking her head she whispered
 „I will not accept this tardiness – I will show you how to work faster and never …. never ever you forget this lesson – comprende?“
Her low voice was the worst for the volunteers – that was stated in a early lesson by Madame Jenny Maurer when she introduced the officer. Cecilia quickly released the laces from waister, and corrected her mistake, reattached and said “ready Officer – you might go on”. Another cold view was her answer and she pushed the enter button again to restart but now with setting to medium pull power.

News from slave Flo

slave in her new corset

slave in her new corset

During April we tried a new corset for our slave. She had to endure a longer training to get used to it as it really shrinks her waist that much that breathing becomes hard. She did well and got used to it. Well and then … then she made a mistake and forgot that she’s obliged to watch her speech and to treat us always with respect. Of course that had to be punished. When it happened first I put her in isolation just for 20 minutes or so, total Isolation of course where she could see everybody but not hear, nor talk nor IM. That was the fair fore warning combined with the announcement that the next punishment will be way harder. Well obviously, slave wanted to know if i’d do what I said and thus she provoked me again. Of course, I had to do as I said.

Slave did write a chapter for this blog about it. As usual, I just revised typos and added the pictures. The text itself isn’t censored by me. Enjoy reading …..

What is law?

To judge is something Flo knew from her education, is based on law and order. If someone breaks the rules, it will end in a judgment. And these judges are professionals and know very well the law. Flo learned the one and only exception. For her fault, to call Mistress Diomita 2 times in her short name like all friends can do, she has been judged to become punished. Not professional judges – no Mistresses herself – not law and order like in civilized countries – her law !!!
Flo started the day after the fault with excuses and was obedient – like her owners have teached her. Both ladies Mistress Diomita and Mistress Jenny waited until Madame Sarah and Angelique where on site and then …..they judged……some whispering and Flo was ordered to strip naked. A very bad sign for her. Instead of covering her nakedness with her hands she was ordered to move over and put her hands on the back of the prepared chair. No whimper, cry or begging …. her Mistresses acted cold. Mistress Diomita prepared a leather belt……

20140423 slave Flo punished by Diomita_006

The spanking of slave (I)

Angelique was ordered to watch the punishment. Same time the black ebony princess Argi came by and as you all know – she is always helping the weak and innocent  ones. But this time she had not the slightest chance to help Flo or  change mind of Mistresses. These would like to get her pleasure in punishing the close innocent little doc Flo. With cold voice Mistress Diomita explained that after each stroke Flo has to count and thank to her Mistress. The poor girl was shivering in fear and begged not to slap hard. Begged maybe to do some more housework but Mistresses had their plan and followed the line. Even the intentions by Argi where ignored by the two as judges with her own law – Mistresses.
Then…. the first hit…. it burned on poor Flo’s ass. She cried out loud and then whispered “one – thank you Mistress Diomita”. The voice of Mistress Diomita followed like a sword of cold ice and she stated – no slave – we start new at Zero. Flo was shocked as that wasn’t correct from her judges. They can’t restart – there must follow the second hit. Without any more word Mistress Diomita swung the belt and hit poor Flo the second time – Flo cried out and … yes she restarted at whispered “one – thank you Mistress Diomita”. Mistress Diomita shakes her head and said – we begin one more time – I will hear your counting loud and clear. Flo could not believe…. turned and faced Mistress Diomita and shout ”that’s no legal tribunal – you’re not legal  judges – and you don’t follow civilian law”. At this time Mistress Jenny answered with a faint whispering – we can change to much harder punishment – even torture you – not by any law – no… only while “we can do”!!!


The spanking of slave (II)

The spanking of slave (II)

Argi was really surprised herself about the strong judgement but she helped poor Flo to turn and hold the back of the chair to endure what no one here can stop. So the punishment started new at zero and the cries became louder and the face of Flo was showing the big tears while she tried to count in best manner. Her ass became burning like the fire in Netherland and each stroke left a red welt on the mangled skin. Flo received in total 13 hard hit and was close to collapse. Weak knees, burning ass and swollen eyes from crying.

The spanking of slave (III)

The spanking of slave (III)

She did not felt when her cruel monsters clicked some cold metal cuffs on her elbows and wrist and restrained her in kneeling position with her elbows over her head and the hands pulled down to the neck. As this wouldn’t be hard enough – they pulled hard on a tight fitting leather hood to cover slave’s lower face. The huge gag was forced to spread her jaws painfully and in addition they stuffed the ears to prevent her from hearing. Mistresses target was to let this slave feel helpless, mute and deaf. No chance for her to react anymore was Flo left in her pain – alone … and hardly punished. The two monster Mistresses left just to have her pleasure in planning a new house while the slave girl struggled on her knees.
Only the lawyer for the weak Argi stayed close and comforted Flo. Her blows onto the burning skin where well noticed even the slave couldn’t show any reaction. Should this poor Flo ever feel love to her tormentors? Unbelievable…. twice misspelled a name and these Mistresses punishes that hard. Flo thinks back and forth…… the result is always the same … they can do… because they own her.

I restart to love you my Mistresses
little doc Flo