Simploring 2017 (25) – SJC Playground

Tuesday, March 28th, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo and I went on a short “kinkploring”-tour. We visited SJC Playground, a sim I never heard about before. I came across it once again by reading profiles.
SJC Playground is, what the name implies, an adult playground. The landmark decription lists “Bondage, Dark Castle, Dungeon, Kennel, Cage, Cages, RP, Pony Stables, Teddy-Tour, RLV Traps, Shop (Clothes+RLV toys)” That sounded like a place to go for us, doesn’t it?We were quite alone during the time of our visit. We first visited the castle, which has all elements you expect. There’s a cellar with quite some prison cells to store your victims, there’s a dungeon and there’re rooms to retreat to. And you can climb on the tower to look over the whole sim. SJC Playground is owned by Caroline Kira, and as far as I understood there is a team running the sim. We visited the SJC Shop, where you can buy clothes and RLV toys for very little money and can even grab free fetish outfits. Around the castle is a cart track for the ponies and of course there are also stables, wich we didn’t visit though. A teleporter network brings your around the whole sim and also to some skyboxes. Someone of the team or Caroline Kira herself seems to have a faible for astronomy as 3 skyboxes (planet 1, 2 3) demonstrate what we can see in the sky above us.After visiting the castle we spent some time at Ariadne Avedon’s home. She’s Caroline’s Mistress and her home is quite modern and well equipped. Mistress and I like the slideshow in the bedroom, whil slave Flo was that overwhelmed by the pictures that she fainted. Or was it because she was exhausted after being pulled around the sim?
SJC Playground is a great place for adult play and offeres a lot of opportunities while being free of lag. Many thanks to Caroline Kira for providing it to the public. I will for sure return.
Landmark to SJC Playground:

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