Backflash September 2019 – My pony FFF Thoroughbred Dana (Sept. 17th, 2011)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the new series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.
Eight years ago, in September 2011, I wrote about my sub Dana (Dana Drezelan). Dana was my and our slave from December 2010 until December 2014. We released her because our timezones and online times that didn’t fit anymore. Dana was a very active sub and we wanted her to enjoy her SL to the fullest. Her dedication and submission was a wonderful gift and she will always be a close friend to us and the Eurobrats. We still have contact to Dana and see or talk to her every once in a while. Sometimes our Kitty is causing mischief together with her.
September 2011, when I wrote the blogpost, was shortly after my release from Yasmin Heartsdale’s collar. At that time Jenny was my married slave and although she already co-owned my subs and slaves I still considered them as belonging to me and not to us. How times have changed! Reading the post brought back a lot  of memories to me. And for those who feel inspired by the blog, the Frilly Filly Farm does still exist.
Here’s the post from September 17th, 2011:

My pony FFF Thoroughbred Dana

My sub Dana experienced the life of a pony and has trained to become a thoroughbred at Frilly Filly Farm (FFF). Jenny and I have some very little experience at being ponies and I admit that it wasn’t my kink at all. Nonetheless I allowed Dana to enter the training at FFF to become a thoroughbred. Her former sub, now co-owner and half-sister Asfor, recommended persistently that Dana should get into the training course. Several weeks ago Dana started and I could watch her progresses every time I saw her mainly at weekends. She got better and better every day and improved a lot. When we told my sister Jill Freenote, who is a well-known pony trainer, about the training she entered more or less immediately herself. Thus Jenny and I could have a lovely ride over the FFF sim in a cart pulled by Jill and Dana.

Dana and Jill providing a cart tour for Jenny and Dio at FFF

Today I got the notice that Dana has been promoted to a thoroughbred. Congratulations, Dana! we are very proud of you!
The training is hard and it needs a lot of patience. I even tried one parcour myself, it is not easy at all and needs a lot of training particularly if you have some lag in the sim. Being so proud of my sub and thoroughbred Dana here is her registration card listing her achievements:

Pony-girl Registration Card of Dana Drezelan
The pony belongs to: Diomita Maurer
Is in the care of Miss Asfor Cooperstone
It has been/is being trained by Miss Keri Clowes & Miss Jo Gallindo
10  Requirements to Graduate from Frilly Filly Farm
1. Physical Exam:   8 -5-2011 Miss Jo Galindo
2. Cart the Farm Trails displaying knowledge of Whip Commands: Jo Gallindo FFF Stable Mistress: ” Dana  shows excellent carting skills. I am very impressed!”
3. Slalom : 16.37 Trainer Keri Clowes
4. Barrel Race: Score 29 or less with no faults. Dana did a great job with barrels.  5 clean runs in a row with runs in the mid 26 second range. I am honored to sign off this event Senior Trainer Elandrel Moonwing 9/3/201
5. Large Steeplechase: 1100 Score or better with no faults. Jo Gallindo: “I watched Dana do 2 clean runs and score 1123 and 1118 in consecutive runs”.
6. Dressage: without fault approved by trainer Jo Gallindo FFF Stable Mistress. “I approve  Dana she is excellent at dressage with me and other Stable Mistresses”
7. Cross Country Carting on both paved & unpaved roads: Dana is good at carting on both paved and unpaved surfaces – Button Wright
8. Play and Score in Pony Polo: 8-14-2011 Cherry Rexie I, Cherry Rexie, certify that this pony played well and scored in pony polo. 2011-08-14 17:40
9. Recommendations of 3 trainers: Recommended by Mistress Button Wright and by Trainer Sabrina Baddingham 9/11/2011. I recommend this pony to be allowed to test for her thoroughbred final exam. She has proven to be very talented – Pricilla Slade (Trainer) 9/11/2011
10. Final Exam with a Stable Mistress: Completed by Mistress Jo Gallindo 9/15/2011
Upon completion, the pony has been given membership in the FFF Thoroughbreds group and is allowed to wear the FFF Thoroughbred tag
Well Done Dana.

Jenny added a comment:
Congratulations Dana you have made us all proud. The hard work you put in has been worth while and you are now ready to take us all on guided tours of FFF.

Link to the original post:
Landmark to Filly Frilly Farm
About Dana

Backflash August 2019 – SL variety (August 26th, 2014)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the new series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.
Five years ago I wrote a blog post about the variety of kinks and passions we, our family and friends are persuing. That hasn’t changed much! What changed is that some of the people mentioned in that post from 5 years ago have left Second Life (ronapotter, Queen Takacs) or that we have lost closer contact to them (Fae Howlett, Jill Freenote). Enjoy reading:

SL variety

Today’s post is about several things that happened the last days. I choosed the headline “SL variety” as I think it matches best and this post deals with several aspects of our SL within the Eurobrats right now. Dana and Kitty, both are at Stones ‘N Rubber (sNr) being ponies. Although ponyplay is not my major kink, I got drawn into it by our brats again and again. And I admit, it has “something”. First of all the restriction part of it is exciting. A pony really depends on the trainers and their moods. There might be play or not, they can’t influence it at all and their communication and abilities are very limited. Secondly also the training part is fun as the ponies have to learn and exercise, they have to be passionate. And thirdly, for the domme the total control is the kink and that is a kink I really share and enjoy.
As already mentioned before, our ponies Dana and Kitty are both at sNr right now and so is also my former sister Jill Freenote. When Kitty started her pony life, one of her trainers and friends was Merjeni (mer7maids8 resident) and Merjeni is still caring about Kitty’s pony life and her progresses to become just perfect. Today I got a message from Merjeni and 3 pictures that I’m going to share here:
The first photo is of Kitty standing in front of the cart track score board, I decided to train her over at Wildfire stables cart track, I am also a Wildfire trainer as well.

pony Kitty at Wildfire Stables


The cart track can be tricky but no difficult, require some skill to get the best score as possible.  Kitty actually did very well as you can by the score board, we were there for quite awhile.  I had also taken Kitty to Wild Ponygirls for the 24 hour slalom event to compete, these 24 hour ponygirl events are great for ponies who have different time zones, so it was perfect for kitty.  While Kitty did not place, she did put her pony heart into it, showing true spirit.  Later on I did bring FreeHoof (remark: this is my ex-sister Jill Freenote) to the Wild Ponygirls 24 hour slalom event that same night, she did place!  6th place to be exact after the event was entirely over.
I also included a favourite photo of me and kitty hanging out in the stall.

Merjeni and pony Kitty at sNr


Today I took Kitty and FreeHoof for some training on Wildfire’s race track, Kitty did so well, she is now on top of the scoreboard!”

ponies Kitty and Jill at Wildfire Stables


Ok, these are the news of our ponies. Mii, who I know from deviant Art, is also a trainer at sNr and she also helps to train our ponies there. Mii herself has several kinks and there’re not just about ponies – she also enjoys tight bondage and restrictions. Just a couple of days ago she called me being excited of her newest gear: an inflatable latex bag. While she looks funny in it, it might not be that funny being locked into the bag. Of course it is very restricting and can be locked up to total helplessness including taking away any way of communication. So don’t think, that it is only funny. Well, we fulfilled her wish and locked her into the bag and restricted her. Mii loves it, maybe because it is warmer inside than our European summer? Maybe. But I can also quote her: “Miss Diomita, I would like say something more .. I just love that suit so much as I wouldn’t like get out of it.” And as it looks funny, for example when she crawls over the ground like a worm, Mii (or “Maurer’s Toy” right now) gives reason for banter and chitchat. Just last night I took this picture as the family gathered and it really documents the variety of kinks we have within our family.

Various Kinks(1) from left to right: rona, Dio, Sarah, qt, Fae, Mii and slave

Various Kinks(2) from left to right: Dio, qt, Fae and Mii

And also last night I took this snapshot of slave and rona when Jenny joined. I like this picture and it demonstrates passionate dedication and submission without strong or restrictive bondage, thus another kink.

Various Kinks (3) Mistress Jenny with rona and slave

Last but not least this leads to rona and to her art. Rona is developing her own style of art, mixing different elements of SL as well as some RL and putting it together into pictures that tell a story or are simply just exciting. These 2 pictures are new and not yet published on deviant Art (but will be published there too very soon). Thank you rona!

cage room by ronapotter

latex reflection by ronapotter

That’s it for right now from our varied SL.
Love from Diomita
And here’s the link to the original post:

Simploring 2017 (25) – SJC Playground

Tuesday, March 28th, Mistress Jenny, slave Flo and I went on a short “kinkploring”-tour. We visited SJC Playground, a sim I never heard about before. I came across it once again by reading profiles.
SJC Playground is, what the name implies, an adult playground. The landmark decription lists “Bondage, Dark Castle, Dungeon, Kennel, Cage, Cages, RP, Pony Stables, Teddy-Tour, RLV Traps, Shop (Clothes+RLV toys)” That sounded like a place to go for us, doesn’t it?We were quite alone during the time of our visit. We first visited the castle, which has all elements you expect. There’s a cellar with quite some prison cells to store your victims, there’s a dungeon and there’re rooms to retreat to. And you can climb on the tower to look over the whole sim. SJC Playground is owned by Caroline Kira, and as far as I understood there is a team running the sim. We visited the SJC Shop, where you can buy clothes and RLV toys for very little money and can even grab free fetish outfits. Around the castle is a cart track for the ponies and of course there are also stables, wich we didn’t visit though. A teleporter network brings your around the whole sim and also to some skyboxes. Someone of the team or Caroline Kira herself seems to have a faible for astronomy as 3 skyboxes (planet 1, 2 3) demonstrate what we can see in the sky above us.After visiting the castle we spent some time at Ariadne Avedon’s home. She’s Caroline’s Mistress and her home is quite modern and well equipped. Mistress and I like the slideshow in the bedroom, whil slave Flo was that overwhelmed by the pictures that she fainted. Or was it because she was exhausted after being pulled around the sim?
SJC Playground is a great place for adult play and offeres a lot of opportunities while being free of lag. Many thanks to Caroline Kira for providing it to the public. I will for sure return.
Landmark to SJC Playground:


Our slave Flo is very dedicated and truely enslaved. As she often was the only brat around lately, our play did focus on her. Could it be that slave Flo got a bit big-headed? Yes! And Jenny found the right way to cure it. You certainly saw those mesh horse heads that ponies wear lately. I admit that with the right gear the ponies do really look very “ponyish”. Well, Jenny had more in mind that these heads are really big. And they are available in all colours and in latex and leather. So you can guess, what we did ….

Mistress Jenny with big-headed slave Florence

Mistress Jenny with big-headed slave Florence

The big-headed slave Florence. Doesn't she look cute?

The big-headed slave Florence. Doesn’t she look cute?

Jenny and Dio with big-headed slave FLorence visiting The Secret House

Jenny and Dio with big-headed slave FLorence visiting The Secret House

Right now the cure did help. We just have to mention the big-head to slave Flo and she gives in immediately *winks*. I admit, we had fun in addition!

Bad Kitty

Finally Kitty is exploring Second Life again and is having various fun. Not that she didn’t enjoy being a pony and we know: once a pony, always a pony. But her reports about sims were missed and here is one again: Kitty visited Bad Kitty!

Here is her report on Bad Kitty, spiced with pictures of her and from a visit Jenny and I made later:

"Pickled Slut"

“Pickled Slut”

Some say that there’s a sim appropriately named in Kitty’s honor and that they use wooden barrels to pickle their sluts. All we know is that it’s called Bad Kitty and it’s jam-packed with great RLV fun and unique toys. When you arrive, you might notice warning signs along the path. Ignore them, set your relay to ‘auto’ and enjoy. However, if you still happen to have a good friend or two, keep them on speed-dial or better yet, bring them along for the fun.

This sim is best explored with two or more people to try out different toys and to help each other with traps.

I'm not going to try it!

I’m not going to try it!

Here are some of the areas you should not miss:
If you enjoy trapping your friend in something that you’d like to take home, there is a store which sells most of the unique contraptions that you will find in this sim.
For all the pony fans out there, please check out the design of the stalls. Why aren’t there more stalls like this around? Of course there is a training area as well. After all, you can’t leave your ponies locked away at all times (or can you???).

Kitty loves ponies

Kitty loves ponies

No pony around? Ride a Zebra!

No pony around? Ride a Zebra!

Some of you might still remember the good old Challenge Cells from Stonehaven. Well, Bad Kitty has it all and some more, including Think Tanks, Strip Poker, and other nice games.
For those who want to have even more fun, just run like mad behind a UFO.
All of this good fun can be had just behind the a well-manicured garden with beautiful sculptures. In case you decide to strike a pose or two, just be patient. Alabaster won’t last fovever.
For those who are more romantically inclined, Bad Kitty offers you various places to dance and cuddle. One of them is a large gazebo at the end of the dock. Even though all of Bad Kitty is one big playground with toys and gadgets in nearly every corner, there is one square that contains a large assortment of the same and you should not miss visiting it.

At "Bad Kitty"

At “Bad Kitty”

The tower at "Bad Kitty"

The tower at “Bad Kitty”

There is a beautiful tower on the island. You can climb it but make no mistake – it is a long, dizzying way up to 270m. Alternatively, you could also hitch a ride in the rubber band rocket near the base of the Tower. The tower rises even higher though the upper floors are private. From here you have a good view of the waterpark-style slide back down. Just far-sit and: Weeeeeeee!

The rocket: the fast way up to the tower.

The rocket: the fast way up to the tower.

There are way, way, way too many other fun things to discover on this island. The best you can do is go and check it out.

Thank you for your inspiring report, Kitty. There are still places in SL where you can simply have fun.

A message from Kitty

Our Kitty spend again some time as a pony trapped by Jill Freenote, a former sister of me. After some fun her latest messages sounded not that convinced about having fun anymore, but still Kitty succeeds to conjure a big smile on my face when I read of her. Kitty has a real talent to express even her wish to be freed into another fun in SL in a funny way. Here is the message I got:

“Dear wonderful and most amazing Mistress Diomita, Kitty wants to leave you a quick note to report that all is well, SL and RL. The stall needs mucking out but the service here is like the current stall condition- it stinks. Also, since Kitty already on the topic of this sim, their entertainment program leaves a lot to be wished for. Even watching paint dry is more exciting.  Last but not least, the trainers here must be part of the teachers union. It seems that they’re always on strike or on break, vacation or holiday. Kitty is glad that the sim doesn’t have to worry about their pony’s level of education because all the ponies here are pretty smart (Kitty’s helping them with their developing intellects). Well, Kitty hopes that your days are fun and sun-filled and that you find lots of time to do the things you want. With love, Kitty ((oh.. very important, not to be forgotten: Kitty’s behavior has been absolutely perfect. No damage to report, no mischief logged, just perfect …*yawn* … perfect behavior,))”

Ok, I admit, I’m flattered by her way to address me. That’s why we needed to free her – and Jenny did today. So Kitty (santana.thibedeau) is back home, ready for the next fun in her SL.
Welcome home Kitty!
ok – no blog post without a picture, so I include one of Kitty as a pony. Maybe it will remind her of this part of her SL whenever she see’s it.

Our Kitty Maurer as a pony

Our Kitty Maurer as a pony

Some stats and findings about our blog (2014 in review)

The people of send me a few figures and remarks reviewing this blog for 2014: “The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 12,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.” YAY! Thank you all readers. Compared to 2013 that is one extra sold-out performance and it is motivation to continue writing.

 4 sold-out performances  in the Sydney Opera House in 2014 - Thank you!

4 sold-out performances in the Sydney Opera House in 2014 – Thank you!

Some more statisical figures: In 2014, we had more than 4,000 visitors. There were 86 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 297 posts. In 2014 we published more than 340 pictures – thats about 7 per week. Still interesting but no surprise is what attracts readers to our blog: pony play and humares, prison role play and bondage. What is more a surprise is that 4 of the 5 most clicked texts are not from 2014 :

And how to people get here? By far the most come from search engines like google or yahoo. But some come from, from and still from although this blog has sadly been closed. It is nice to notice that there’s developing a connection between our blog and my deviantArt website.

In 2014 we had visitors from 80 countries around the world. Most clicks came from The United States (3.650). Germany (1.900) & The United Kingdom (900), where Jenny and I live, counted together were not far behind. Enough about statistics. Thank you all for reading and following our blog. As the blog is first and foremost a diary to save our memories, we don’t intend to stop writing.

Have a great 2015!
Diomita and Jenny Maurer

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