Simploring 2017 (26) Orcadi Island

Wednesday late afternoon, April 5th, I found some time for simploring and picked Orcadi Island from Inara Pey’s blog (Orcadi Island’s simple splendour in Second Life).

April 5th: Orcadi Island overview

On Orcadi Island there’s really not that much to see, maybe not even to discover. It’s a rural island covered with high weeds, a farmhouse in the center, a lighthouse in one corner, a windmill, a beach …. yes, that’s it basically. You can seemingly experience the peace and the silence when you arrive there. It is just relaxing. I walked through the high weeds and explored what is there. No hurry, as everything is easily explored within a few minutes. That on the other hand provides the time to take a closer look on little details.There’re not too many places to sit and to cuddle but there’re still enough opportunities to sit and dream.
What I didn’t see before was a Dandelion that you could rezz and fly with. I took the ride and flew upwards as in the near sky are 3 small floating Islands, which I wanted to look at. Each has a different theme and each is made to sit, cuddle and dream while looking down to the island.
Orcadi island is owned by Julya (julya77). Thank you for providing it to the public. I spent a very recovering and relaxing hour on the island. It’s just the right place to wind down.
Landmark to Orcadi Island
Inara Peys’s blog entry about Orcadi Island

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