Simploring 2017 (27) – Fortress Mortice

Fortress Mortice ist a sim we visited sometimes years ago, in particular while Dana was our slave. She loved it there. The prison and the play there were alway quite a bit extreme and overdone for my taste. But I became tolerant. There’re countless kinks and who defines “normal”, and others my see my kinks being not normal. Anyway, back to Fortress Mortice. I saw Fortress Mortice in a profile pick recently and thought it would be time to revisit it. Wednesday, April 5th, Mistress Jenny and I took slave flo on a kinkploring tour to Fortress Mortice. Already the landing spot was not familiar. It lies in a harbour and there are some infoboards and vendors. Fortress Mortice is a full sim and a teleporter system brings you around. We walked to the Fortress and peeked in. It is for sure still a kinky place and I suppose still extreme to my taste at least. But the sim offers a lot and for everyone. The landmark description says it all: “Prison, bondage, asylum, slave, rlv, rubber, bane, strict restrictions, supermax, unique traps, sex, snuff, transformation, 3 level sim, doll“. We took the teleporter system and visited some spots and Mistress Jenny lost all her attachments in a trap – not funny! But that’s the risk you take visiting such a place. Thursday night, April 6th, I went back to Fortress Mortice to get a full overview and I used the teleporter system to visit each spot. The sim has 3 levels, the ground level with the prison, a 3.000 m level where you’ll find the asylum and the pony play area and a 3.500 m level for “Ec Industries”. As far as I understood it from a very short visit, Ec Industries is about milk, at least I found a strange being that looked like beeing raised for just one purpose; milking. Maybe all the ponds at that level are filled with milk?
Here are the sim overviews of the 2 main levels for your orientation. It’s good to know that some sims keep staying online and develop. Have fun visiting and enjoy roleplaying. Thank you Fay Carter (bootsieloverod) for providing Fortress Mortice to all roleplayers and for our fun.
Landmark to Fortess Mortice:

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