Simploring 2017 (57) – somewhere

Wednesday late night, I had time for a short simploring tour. I visited “somewhere” or more precisely “welcome to somewhere“. Inara Pey reported about her visit in her blog under the title “Welcome to Somewhere in Second Life“. Her description is as always very detailed, I recommend reading it.

At the Landing Point somewhere (welcome to somewhere)

welcome to somewhere” is a bit dark and even scary, in particular when you use the preset windlight setting. I did that when I arrived but changed to a setting with more light to see more details. The sim combines a lot of elements that I saw already at other places. It is very well buildt and there’s really a lot to explore and discover, for sure more than I saw during my short visit of about 30 minutes.

Most places, and the majority of houses at “welcome to somewhere“, seem to be abandoned, but then you find a lot of evidences that you’re not alone there – I was alone during my visit. The food stall, right next to the landing point offers hot food and you hear the sound of frying fat and can almost smell it – a clear evidence that somebody lives somewhere. Everything is partially damaged or fully broken – some houses look inhabited, some are totally or nearly empty. On my discovering tour I came across some places, that do fit into the Halloween season like bloodied scary dolls, bloodied wall papers and broken dolls. I found the grave of a Vampire:

In loving Memory
Desire Dark
the faked vampire,
beloved Daddy
1735 – Eternity

There’s for sure a mystery hidden at “welcome to somewhere“. I got some lovely views but also took some pictures with scary elements. “welcome to somewhere” offers both. But once you came across the scary elements, everything looks different, feels different. It is this combination that makes “welcome to somewhere” a place to visit and to dive deeper into.
The sim is owned by DarkDesire (Stefan Salmson), the above mentioned vampire. Thank you for providing it to the public.

Landmark to “welcome to somewhere”
Inara Pey’s blog post “Welcome to Somewhere in Second Life”

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