Simploring 2020 (66) Coasta Verde

For my simploring tour Monday, September 28th, I picked Coasta Verde from SL Desinations. It led to a post from Susann Decuir “Simtipp: Coasta Verde (Moderat)” (in German) and that was really a teaser for going there on the spot.

The landmark description is short and doesn’t fully reveal what you can expect there (a lot!): “Coasta Verde. Visitors are welcome, beach, hangout, relax, explore

Coasta Verde – overview and orientation map

Coasta Verde is a moderate homestead owned and designed by Night (Nightwatcher Stormcrow). And it is incredible what Night made with less than 5000 prims – Chapeau!

The landing is in the center of a long promenade at the beach. Your first view goes over the large beach to the lighthouse. The scenery is hazy, it almost feels a bit cold and damp. Well it is Autumn. If you turn around you see a fair with a ferris wheel and a large fall tower (Madfall). Behind the fair is a mountain ridge that melts into the high mountains of the sim surround.

Impressions of Coasta Verde (1) – around the landing point / the beach / the lighthouse

I first went on the beach with its many opportunities to sit and watch, just the cold and damp weather doesn’t really invit to sit – that’s how many beaches look like at this time of the year. I walked along the beach and went to the lighthouse first. Below the lighthouse you find two cosy places, one tent and one campfire. Above the campfire is a balloon. Try sitting on it to have a nece view over the whole place.

Impressions of Coasta Verde (2) – the campfire with the balloon / Irish pub / a view on the fair

I went back to the promenade, visited the Irish pub and enjoyed the view on the fair, which is for sure one of the hightlights of Coasta Verde. I had fun! I tried out the fall tower (Madfall), which is quite well made, I tried out the swingboat (that offers only different seating poses for pictures) and I tried the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel is fully operational. It stops at the highest point so that you can have a view and take pictures. Just great!

Impressions of Coasta Verde (3) – fair fun: Madfall / swingboat / ferris wheel

I finally tried out the carousel (Shell Shocked) – another fun ride. Next to the carousel is the source for the scary noises that I heard all the time in the background – a graveyard. And fitting to the season some scary zombies were around, seemingly trying to catch me.
No fair without food and drinks. At the other end of the fair is a bar and restaurant offering places for a break after all the fun.

Impressions of Coasta Verde (4) – the crousel (Shell Shocked) / graveyard with zombies / bar and restaurant

I visited the next highlight – the Wolf Ridge Asylum. You can grab a notecard in the entry hall when you dare to step close to the wall: “Welcome to the Wolf Ridge Asylum. Closed and abandoned in the late 1970s, former residents have recounted tales of ghastly trials and demented attempts to cure the mentally disturbed. One in particular, a nurse of the facility spoke …. ”
I recommend to get the full text and to enjoy your scary visit. Ghosts are round and the above mentioned nurse. You can gat a flashlight at the wall as well ….. I managed to take on picture with a ghost.

Impressions of Coasta Verde (5) – Wolf Ridge Asylum

Finally I went to Bates Motel and to the Psycho house. Have a look into the rooms of the motel. Every room showcases another scary scene – bloody, scary, just great. Of course the Psycho house is home for ghosts, one welcomes you already on at the entrance stairs. And those inside seem to be quite alive. Next to the Psycho house is another graveyard and two more ghosts.

Impressions of Coasta Verde (6) – Bates Motel and Psycho House

Coasta Verde is a very well made place. It offers a lot of fun as there’s so much to explore and to discover. The fair is really well made. Beside of all this fun, Coasta Verde is excellent built with a lot of fitting details. And for the Halloween season, it is just perfect. I will return for sure and enjoy this place.
Thank you, Night, for sharing this place publicly. I had fun on my first visit!

Landmark to Coasta Verde
Susann Decuir’s Simtipp: Coasta Verde (Moderat)

Diary 2019 (167) October 24th/25th – 11th wedding anniversary

Thursday, October 24th, Jenny and I had our 11th wedding anniversary.
We met in the afternoon and Mistress had decorated our dance floor for the Halloween party the next. She had bout nice decorations. Flo’s heaven, the sub hut Shangri-La,  is now hidden under a big circus tent. Around the dancefloor are funfair stalls and one of them is really bloody: chopped heads swimming in blood. You get a free fun outfit or avatar when clicking a head. Another stall gives out wise saying. And of course there are scary figures arranged around the dancefloor. Thank you for decorating, Mistress Jenny!

October 24th: Our dancefloor decorated for Halloween – ready to party!

Jenny and I danced together and enjoyed our special day. I exhanged Jenny’s collar with her slave collar and thus we were both wearing our slave collars. We even leashed eachother and knelt for eachother (being a bit silly). We had fun and enjoyed ourselves and we also spent intimate time in our skybox.

October 24th: Jenny and Diomita Maurer married 11th years

At night slave Gendy, Luci and shortly Ann (TransAnn) was present. Jenny and I showed them the decoration for the party and slave Gwendi showed us her clown mask for the next day. She had an alternative, a half hood that leaves her nose and mouth uncovered and has 3 tails. With the right colouring, this makes the perfect outfit for the party.
We took slave Gwendi and Luci with us to Psi’s realm and to Mesmerize Dungeon and had a relaxed night. Before we went to bed we showed slave Gwendi our skybox. Now she knows where her owners spend their private time.

October 24th: slave Gwendi’s Halloween outfit / Jenny and Diomita with slave Gwendi and Luci at home, at Psi’s realm and at Mesmerize Dungeon

Friday, October 25th, Mistress and I changed into our clown custumes in the afternoon. We then spent a relaxed hour together at Heavy Bondage Club and at club Domme a Domme showing our humorous side.

October 25th: Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and at club Domme a Domme (Mistress is the one with the darker balloon)

And at night we finally had out Halloween and 11th wedding anniversary party. Starry did add to our prize money for the best outfit. Unfortunately not all of our regular guests could make it that Friday – nonetheless we had fun with the costumes, with banter and chatting and with the great music that Virgo played. It’s always a great start into the weekend.

October 25th – Friday night party / Halloween clowns: Mistress Jenny (left) / Virgo Babii, Angelique, Luci Gendale (upper middle) / slave Gwendi, Firefly (rmf361sim), slave Christin (lower middle) / Della Randt, Starbright Wingtips and papafox57 (right)


Diary 2019 (166) October 22nd/23rd Almost 11 years

Tuesday, October 22nd, I met with Mistress Jenny and Kitty in the early morning. Both were free yet Mistress couldn’t teleport nor detach her gas mask. She decided to stay inworld while going to bed so that she could be finally released by Mistress Oblivion.

When I returned inworld in the later afternoon, Mistress was back home and we had time to fully catch up with our mutal news. It felt good having Mistress Jenny back! We went to club Domme a Domme to Mesemrize Dungeon and enjoyed togetherness. Mistress took my leash and I enjoyed being at her feet. Before Mistress had to leave she allowed me to get my fix by licking her. Thank you Mistress! Mistress was not online at night due to her RL but at least we had a really enjoyable hour together in the afternoon.

October 22nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita enjoying a lovely hour of togetherness

My night began quite early again and started slowly and became quite busy. First I met Mistress Oblivion at club Domme a Domme again and we had a nice chat. When I returned home slave Flo had just finished cleaning the house. I sat down in our living room and chatted with slave Gwendi, slave Flo and Angelique who joined us soon after. I didn’t want to spend the whole night chatting again and hence we decided to have a game of skipee.
We had just begun playing when slave slut cecy came inworld – the 3rd night in a row! She knelt as my right side while we played cards. Angelique and I played against slave Gwendi and slave Flo. Luci (Luci Glendale) joined us and knelt at my left side. And finally also slave Christin, who we had missed already for 2 nights, came inworld amd also knlet by the skipee table. So we not only played cards but also chatted and caught up while playing.

October 22nd – from left to right: Luci, slave cecy, slave Gwendi, slave Christin, Angelique, Diomita and slave Flo

After the game I had to take a picture. It’s rare to have that many of us present at the same time. Angelique and Flo went off to bed after we took the picture and I took the slaves and Luci with me to Mesemrize Dungeon. We had really fun there! First of all we caught some attention by filling the club being 5 people – and Ann (TransAnn) also joined our gorup. But then we also had some banter and some humilating chat in public which is quite rare and was fun. At midnight I took the slaves and Luci back home. It had been a busy night for me.

October 22nd at Mesmerize Dungeon: Diomita with slave cecy, slave Gwendi, slave Christin, Luci and with Ann

Wednesday, October 23rd, I met with Mistress in the afternoon. First thing Mistress did was exchanging my sub collar with the Ehesklavin collar. Then she took me to club DeLust where we caught up with our mutual news and spent a relaxed half hour. We returned home and removed some of your gear with heavy prims to get enough free prims so that Mistress Jenny can decorate our dance floor for Friday night. I sent out an according heads up later at night: “Friday night (1 PM SLT/9 PM GMT /10 PM CET), October 25th, we will celebrate an early Halloween party. Our theme is: Scary Circus Clowns. We will have a 2,000 L$ contest for the best Halloween Clown outfit. Hence dress up and celebrate with us. We look forward to see you.”
The Halloween party that upcoming Friday was set up also as a party to celebrate Mistress and my 11th wedding anniversary, which we had the next day.

October 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at club DeLust

At night, Mistress Jenny was running late. I played 2 rounds of greedy with slave Christin and slave Gwendi, then I took them to Heavy Bondage Club. We had fun there! A friend, a former sub of slave Gwendi, was there and slave Christin and slave gwendi teased this friend and she was playing along. I think we entertained the club. Mistress Jenny joined us at the club where we spent the rest of the night until slave Christin had to pee and tried everything to get us leaving. Back home I added a new rule “Rule No. 39: slaves have to be clearly and direct when asking for permission to go peeing”

October 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club with slave Gwendi and slave Christin

And that’s it for this diary entry.

Simploring 2019 (107) Deadman’s Island 2019

Deadman’s Island is a haunted gruesome island where the tortured souls come to rest. Are you looking to visit somewhere dark, ominous and creepy? Deadman’s Island will leave you feeling like someone is right behind you, watching and waiting …” is the landmark’s description of Deadman’s Island.

October 11th: Deadman’s Island – overview

Once again I found the landmark at SL Destinations when i was looking for a destination for my simploring tour on Friday, October 11th. Right upon landing, the sim looked gruesome – but familiar. And yes, I had been here before in October 2017 (read Simploring 2017 (81) Deadman’s Island). The layout hasn’t changed but it was rebuilt in another (full) sim.

Impressions of Deadman’s Island 2019 (1)

Deadman’s Island is owned by Alex Luciano (alexandrasadie), but I also found some objects owned by Jaxx Luciano (jaxxson37). Both are not partnered but the names make me suspect that they are a couple. The word dark fits very well for Deadman’s island. I changed my windlight settings to get my pictures a bit lighter. Beside some shabby wooden buildings the island is covered with forest. You will find a lot of dead bodies and creatures that seems to be a strange mixture of a dog and a dinosaur on your discovery tour.

Impressions of Deadman’s Island 2019 (2)

Wherever you go on Deadman’s Island – blood, deads, scary creatures, rats, spiders, ghosts … and every once in a while you encounter a person fully covered by a cowl holding a mining light. I went to chapel and inside, I saw the cemetery. I visited the ghost ship. I went into all buildings, one seems to by an old asylum. Every room in every building has another scary sceenery. Everywhere is blood. It’s for sure nohting for the faint hearted. In one room swords darted up from the floor as I walked along and blood (my blood) was sprinkled around. Thank god, it was just pixel blood!

Impressions of Deadman’s Island 2019 (3)

I had also fun standing next to the band of skeletons, watching the witch brewing her particular soups and playing the organ in the chapel.

Impressions of Deadman’s Island 2019 (4)

The ghostship is something particular as the ship is really tranperent like a ghost and it looks different from every angle. For your exploring tour I recommend to enter all buildings if you like scary scenes. And if you can, then turn you sound on, it adds a lot to the scary and dark mood. Also don’t miss to climb up the lighthouse, as you have a great view on the ghostship from up there.

Impressions of Deadman’s Island 2019 (5)

Deadman’s Island is a seasonal sim. It is for sure worth a visit, particularly during Halloween season. I enjoyed my visit again! Thank you for providing your island to us all, Alex.

Landmark to Deadman’s Island
Flickr group
Simploring 2017 (81) Deadman’s Island

Diary 2018 (196) November 1st – 3rd Halloween wedding massacre

Thursday, November 1st, I met with my property Jenny at night. slave Flo was present and we went to Mesmerize Dungeon and to Psi’s realm with her. It was a very relaxed night and after slave Flo had left to bed, my property Jenny had to earn being released from the extra collar around her neck. She did well as I expected and I ended my green light as we had agreed upon before.

November 1st: Diomita and Jenny with slave Flo at Psi’s realm and at Mesmerize Dungeon / Jenny serving her owner Diomita at home

Friday, November 2nd, we had our regular Friday night party under the theme “Halloween wedding massacre”. It was our belated Halloween party as well as a party to celebrate Jenny’s and my 10th wedding anniversary amoung our friends. Jenny and I had set a shared prize of L$ 2,000 for the best outfit. We had great fun. Della Randt won the contest. Thank you to everybody who attended.

November 2nd: belated Halloween Party on the occasion of Jenny’s and Diomita’s 10th wedding anniversary

Saturday, November 3rd, I met with Mistress in the afternoon and she had already tidied up most of the Halloween decoration. We moved the chapel back into its place on the hill and rezzed the Shangri-La again next to the dance floor. Then we went to the annex of our skybox, the room that I use during green lights, and I reinstalled some of the toys that I had removed in order to have enough free prims for the Halloween decoration.
Mistress was naughty and tested the bambou bondage rack again. To make a longer story short, I couldn’t hold back and teased her and took control. As Jenny wouldn’t be online at night, I stored her leashed in the annex of our skybox. Sometimes it is way too hard to give up control *winks*

November 3rd: Diomita spontaneously taking control of her property Jenny, aka. Mine

Saturday night I was alone first, hence I decided to take the opportunity to visit a gallery (more abou this visit soon). When I returned home, I took a bath and began writing about my visit. slave Flo joined me and I took the opportunity to put her into the November outfit. It’s a gag suit, with one particular feature beside gagging, the key holder can select the colours. I started with a nice combination of white and pink. Later at night I tried white and yellow.

November 3rd: Diomita with slave Flo at home / Diomita with slave Flo at Psi’s realm visiting slave slut cecy

I took slave Flo to Psi’s realm. slut cecy had come inworld in the meanwhile and she was still hanging around at Psi’s. It was full and I had fun teasing slave Flo and slave slut cecy and watching the crowd. I also got an inspiration for Christmas seeing a sub decorated with lights.


Diary 2018 (186) October 15th/16th Carolyn

When I came inworld Monday afternoon, October 15th, I could see, that Mistress Jenny had continued decorating our dancing area for Halloween. Mistress had done that all the years before already and she has fun doing it. When she came online, she showed me detail what she had rezzed and we tried out a fence with sharp poles.

October 15th: The Halloween decoration at our Dance Floor / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club / Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at home

slave kelly was also present. I had taken her out of the isolation cell and I had restricted her viewing. For me that seemed to be an appropriate punishment for peeking secretly at Angelique. Mistress Jenny and I took slave kelly to Heavy Bondage club for about 20 minutes and we chatted and looked at people around us, while teasing slave kelly.
Mistress found the link to a marketplace store in one of the profiles from people around us – and she shared the link with me. The shop had really nice fetish clothes and spontaneously I got a dress for Mistress Jenny as a present. Before we had to leave to tend to our RL Mistress Jenny tried out the dress – wow, she really does look stunning in it!

At night we noticed a guest, Carolyn Phoenix (serenis), being present at our dungeon. I had locked her into an isolation cell (read here). Mistress Jenny and I went looking after her and Mistress looked her up from head to toe. She interrogated her and found out that the slave had an owner. Mistress asked me to contact this owner and so I did. We took Carolyn to our house and after her owner didn’t want to pick up her slave, Mistress allowed me to play with her and keep her *grins*.

October 15th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Carolyn Phoenix (serenis) and with Angelique and slave kelly

I stripped the slave dragged her to our porch where we had left slave kelly leashed in the afternoon. Angelique was also there. She presented her Halloween outfit, a present from Mistress and me, lovely. As it had become late already again I leashed Carolyn at our porch next to slave kelly and Mistress and I retreated to our skybox for some privacy.

October 16th: Mistress Jenny Maurer

Tuesday night, October 16th, we had just short time inworld. First it was my RL that kept me from getting inworld. When I finally arrived Mistress Jenny and I exchanged about our mutual news and then Mistress’ RL kicked in. I used the time to take some pictures of her.

October 16th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Carolyn Phoenix (serenis)

Carolyn Phoenix (serenis) was present, leashed on the porch of our house, where I left her the night before. As Mistress didn’t return, I took the slave to Mesmerize Dungeon to get her used to be just a deco for me and us, then I returned home with her and had my way with her in our office. Mistress Jenny joined us there and watched.
And that’s is already about this short night, as we both had to leave already again.

Diary 2018 (185) October 13th/14th getting ready for Halloween

Saturday afternoon, October 13th, Mistress Jenny and I went to Psi’s for catching up and we enjoyed looking on what was going on there. We returned home and had 2 games of Yahtzee, then Angelique and slave kelly came inworld. We first teased slave kelly with Angelique’s perfect outfit and you could literally sense slave kelly’s desire. Good that she was tied up securely. Mistress Jenny and I continued teasing slave kelly by getting close to her, putting her hooded head between our legs and slapping her butt – poor slave, happy slave.
After Mistress Jenny had left, I took out a stand with a vibrator and placed the vibrator exactly at slave kelly’s clit, turned it on and let it do it’s work. After slave kelly had one orgasm I switched the vibrator off again. I didn’t want to exhaust her too much, she should have engery and desire left for the night to come. And it was time for me to leave to my RL as well.

October 13th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at Psi’s realm / Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique teasing slave kelly at home

At night, Mistress Jenny tried out the vibrator for slave kelly and had fun teasing her. Then we took slave kelly to club DeLust and I fixed her on the fucking machine there. Angelique joined us at club DeLust but it was way too laggy. Mistress decided to go to the Dungeon of FDS instead and she selected a room with thrones. She made slave kelly sit onto a serving stool and then she instructed slave kelly to please her with her tongue. Angelique and I selected another one of the thrones and cuddled while watching Mistress Jenny have her way with slave kelly. When Mistress was done, she offered me to take advantage of slave kelly myself, and I did. I admit, slave kelly has quite a talent using her tongue.

Angelique reported to us afterwards, that slave kelly had peeked into her room and watched her getting dressed. Angelique was not amused about it. We decided to limit slave kelly’s cam as a first measure. We took slave kelly to Ropers Playground where we exposed her while we further discussed about that issue. That was relaxing after the session before and we also could talk about the consequences. The slaves have to accept Angelique’s particular role as our niece, to respect her and her privacy although Angelique is not bossing them around because she’s all but dominant of nature.

October 13th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique and slave kelly at home, at club DeLust, at Dungeon of FDS and at Ropers Playground

We brought slave kelly back home and locked her into an isolation cell at our dungeon. Then we said good night to Angelique. Mistress Jenny and I went to club DeLust to wind down for a few minutes, but then it was bedtime also for us. It was a full and varied day.

Sunday, October 14th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the later morning. Mistress wanted to decorate our place for Halloween. We plan to have a belated Halloween party on Friday, November 2nd, not just for celebrating Halloween but also for celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. Mistress asked me to remove the Shangri-La for the event and to move our chapel close to the dance floor. Doing that filled the time we had in the morning.

October 14th: preparing our homesim Mount Everest for Halloween – first steps

In the afternoon I added a path from the dancefloor to the chapel and then I had some time for sorting my inventory, updating my wardrobe and other “exciting” stuff. Even in Second Life there’s something like housework to do *winks*. When Mistress Jenny joined me she proposed playing skipee with Angelique, something we hadn’t done for a while. During our play we noticed some heavy lag attacks. After we finished, Mistress identified the scripts taking high amounts of our sim’s resources. She found that our waterfall is one reason for the obversed lag attack. For right now, I removed the waterfall scripts, hence it is just a decorative element and it’s not suitable for taking a shower anymore. According to Mistress and Angelique, it helped reinstalling the performance of our sim.

October 14th: Angelique Maurer / Angelique and her admirer slave Flo / Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique, slave Flo playing skipee (slave cecy at Mistress Jenny’s and my feet)

Our night started quite the same. Mistress Jenny continued working on her “project” and added a graveyard next to the chapel and some bare trees. Angelique came inworld and she and I selected a new outfit. Again the result is really beautiful. When slave Flo came inworld, she was also excited about Angelique’s look. slave Flo became a not secret at all admirer of our niece *winks*
We spent the rest of the night playing a round of Skipee as teams. Mistress Jenny and slave Flo won against Angelique and me this time. slave slut cecy was present and was allowed to spent some time tied at our feet.

And that’s it about the weekend October 13th/14th.

Diary 2018 (181) October 6th – Sexy witches hunt

Saturday, October 6th, I met Angelique and slave Flo in the afternoon. I could catch up with both and we played a round of greedy. At night, I was alone most of the time. It’s rare that none of our closer family is present. I first went to Brii, where a hunt for Halloween witch outfits is currently offered. You have to search little witch dolls in the store and can grab one of the outfits from each witch doll you find for 6 L$ each. I found 9 of 10 and sorted them into my wardrobe for the Halloween season.

October 6th: Diomita Hunting for sexy witch outfits at Brii

After my shopping I was still alone and went to several clubs, Babylon Berlin, Dungeon of FDS, Venustus. I stayed a bit longer dancing at Venustus, then I went to Psi’s realm where I had a nice chat with Daisy (Daisy Rimbaud), the owner of Evil Kitten. Our Kitty often spends time at Daisy’s playground. We became a bit nostalgic and talked about vanished old friends as well as about our first years in SL while we watched the crowd at Psi’s realm.

October 6th: Diomita dancing at Venustus / Diomita with Daisy Rimbaud at Psi’s realm / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home

Then Mistress Jenny dropped inworld and I went home to see her and to catch up with her. Before we logged off, Mistress Jenny replaced my sub collar with the Ehesklavin collar thus starting another red light.

Diary 2017 (185) October 31st / Nov 1st – Flo’s Halloween & slave kelly’s nightmare

Tuesday, October 31st, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. She took her Ehesklavin, that’s me, to Domme a Domme to expose me there and to enjoy having me at her feet.

October 31st: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Domme a Domme

We also saw slave kelly in the afternoon. She was visited by Ava Delaney (avadelaney), obviously a domme friend of hers who wanted to buy slave kelly from us. Of course we didn’t sell slave kelly, but I promised that Ava will get the first right of refusal in case we’d sell her.
Mistress Jenny and I also spent some time together at a friend’s place and had an exciting time (I keep that as a secret to us *winks*).

October 31st: Mistress Jenny and DIomita with slave kelly and Ava Delaney at home

At night, it was Halloween. I changed into a witch costume and slave Flo changed into her skeleton costume, that she wore already at our Halloween party. We went to Venustus and had a really good time there celebrating Halloween. And slave Flo won the 2nd price at the contest for the best Halloween outfit there. Congratulations, Flo!

October 31st – Halloween at Venustus: slave Flo wins the 2nd price at the Outfit contest for the best costume

And that ends the spooky season at least for this year and in this blog. Wednesday, November 1st, I went on early in the morning and met our slaveboy Santana (better known as Kitty Maurer), who celebrated his/her 10th anniversary of joining Second Life (read here) Of course I had to deliver the 10 spanks on this occasion. Kitty is going to spend a short time in her old male avatar and she says it does feel really odd. Happy Rezzday once again, Kitty!!

November 1st: Kitty aka. Santana Thibedeau gets her rezzday spanks from Diomita. Happy 10th rezzday!

In the afternoon Mistress Jenny and I decided take the final step in enslaving slave kelly (read here). slave kelly didn’t submit willingly not did she get a new collar like her sisters. Instead for completing her enslavement we bought a chastity belt for our newest slave and locked it tight. We consider to weld it soon. I also locked her collar and I threw away the keys – at least I won’t need to search them anymore. And slave kelly or more precisely Maurer’s lil slave kelly? She screamed, she cried, she begged horrified by getting chastited and enslaved by us. She’s get used to it. Her nightmare just began and should last some years at least.

November 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita enslaving Maurer’s lil slave kelly

The night of November 1st hold a surprise for me. BC (Baroness Capelo) visited us and she was in a very slutty mood and began to strip and to dance for me and slave kelly and slave Flo. She wanted to be fucked by me like I fucked slave Mara two days before. As BC didn’t agree to get cuffed and restricted, I didn’t fulfill her wish. Instead I took her to our Fetish Club where she danced for me and the slaves and had one orgasm after the other. Later also slave Mara joined us and she fulfilled BC’s desire to get fucked. What a show!

November 1st: Baroness Capelo’s show for Diomita, slave Flo, slave kelly and slave Mara

Diary 2017 (183) October 27th – Friday Night Halloween Party

When it is Friday, it is party! And as Halloween was close, our Friday night party, October 27th, couln’t have any other theme but Halloween. Jenny had proposed to have a contest for the best Halloween outfit and we set a reward of 3,000 L to be splitted according to votes. For this contest I reactivated a contest board which I still had in my inventory and that wasn’t used for years. Jenny decorated our beach disco using up all of our free prims. She made an awesome job! The dance floor looked really spooky and perfect for an Halloween party. We knew that some of our slaves and subs won’t be able to join. Among them was Kitty, who met with Jenny Friday morning. Kitty attended our party virtually as Jenny put up a picture of her, that she took that morning.

October 27th at the Friday Night Halloween Party – Kitty Maurer (right picture) virtually attending the party

The party was really outstanding. We had a full sim the first time ever and some guests who wanted to join couldn’t get into our sim as it only allows 20 people being present at a time. The contest was fun and I’m quite happy with it’s outcome. Virgo won the contest with 4 votes. Congratulations! She always selects the best music for our parties and music that does fit to the theme as well as the favourite songs of our guests and us. Thank you once again, Virgo. All others were dressed for Halloween also and made the party something to remember of, whether they got votes and rewards or not. Jenny and I really enjoyed. And of course, I took lots of pictures. Thank you everybody for joining the fun!

October 27th at the Friday Night Halloween Party: Virgo Babii, Angelique Maurer, Florence Riddler, Baroness Capelo

October 27th at the Friday Night Halloween Party: illa (illa Quan), Jopy Weber, Amy Elisabeth (amye34d)

October 27th at the Friday Night Halloween Party: Plunia, Claven Albatros, Betina Sands, Hanna Sofia (hannabelila), Ary Nitely (aryanna.nitely)

October 27th at the Friday Night Halloween Party: Della Randt, lilkittenhoh (lilangelhoh), Starry (Starbright Wingtips), becasande

October 27th at the Friday Night Halloween Party: Maralyn Corleone, ally Vyper (ally259), Sora86, Zoey Nitely (zoeykitten42)

October 27th at the Friday Night Halloween Party: Jenny and Diomita Maurer


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