Simploring 2017 (59) Brand New Colony

Once again I went on a simploring tour starting with the SL Destination guide. The Destination guide is sorted by themes like art, castles, shopping etc. Brand New Colony is listed under photogenic spots and described as “a scenic, adult-oriented sim. The waterfront woodlands, beach, and dungeon are open to all adult avatars. Enjoy private intimate moments, wandering, sightseeing, exploring, photography, and meeting new people in this friendly, uninhibited environment.”
That sounds like a place for a simploring tour, doesn’t it?

From the land description I learned that Brand New Colony is the home of the Blessed Family – and everyone nice is welcome. The sim is group owned (by the group Brand New Colony). I assume that it is owned by the founder of the group Esmenet Foxdale (esmenetpink ishtari). Brand New Colony is tagged with “romantic D/s BDSM slave hangout trans TG shemale lesbian babygirl submissive dominant transgender scenic beach forest femdom tgirl t-girl sissy photography slut dungeon dom bimbo”

Brand New Colony consists of two rocky islands, that form a half circle around a bay. The sim surround is choosen excellent so that the islands fit perfectly into it, particularly when you’re on the islands and not looking on them from above. The landing point is at the boathouse an lovely place with a nice view over the bay. There’s a teleporter system that leads your around, when you don’t want to walk on foot (Destinations are: boathouse, stables, marsh house, cabin, beach, pool and dungeon).

What a lovely place! It’s peaceful and offers a lot of spots to sit and watch, to cuddle or to mediate. And as it is an adult sim, there’re also some adult animations. Brand New Colony truely is – as described in the destination guide – photogenic. I enjoyed exploring and discovering it. Of course I also went to the dungeon, which is located in a skybox. The dungeon is well equipped and cosy. It has style, not just a room full of gear, more like a club comparable to our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer or to club DeLust, but with the focus on a dungeon more than on a club.

Considering that Brand New Colony is a family owned sim, I appreciate that it is open for the public. You can sense, that was not buildt to attract visitors or to become a meeting place but as a place to wind down and to enjoy Second Life. Thank you Esmenet Foxdale for providing it to the public.

Landmark to Brand New Colony

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