Diary 2017 (134) August 14th slaves Flo and Adarra at Psi’s

Monday, August 14th, Mistress and I took the slaves Flo and Adarra to Psi’s realm. Their August slave outfit includes MD cuffs, which are in particular suitable for suspension bondages. And this was the reason to select these cuffs for this month. In the main room at Psi’s realm where people meet (that’s by far not the largest of most central room) are several hooks at the ceiling that are perfect for suspending slaves. slave Flo was tied up in a ballerina bondage balancing on one leg while slave Adarra was suspended in a swinging pose, both facing eachother.

August 14th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave Adarra at Psi’s realm – watching eagerly Rubber Object Kathleen Inshan

We began teasing our slaves but slave Flo had to leave shortly after. We continues with slave Adarra and added a leather harness, a vibrator and a gag – perfect. I began playing with the buttons of my remote causing slave Adarra to literally swing. All the time a rubber object (kathleen.inshan), nicely tied up and gagged herself watched us eagerly. Mistress Jenny did lock her inbetween in a hogtie for some time. I suspect that this rubber object, slave Adarra and slave Flo will have a great time moaning together upon their return.

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