Simploring 2017 (67) Stillwood – Realm for Photography

Tuesday, August 15th, I met Mistress Jenny late afternoon. She put me in the heavy shackles before taking me to Domme a Domme to expose her property.

August 15th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at home and at Domme a Domme

After we caught up Mistress left Domme a Domme and I got a forced teleport and to my surprise landed at Stillwood “Realm for Photography“. While I expected to be teleported to some dungeon or another club, Mistress took me to a place for taking pictures. She told me that she landed there before when she checked her landmarks. The place she looked for was gone and instead it turned out being a nice pitoresque place, just like those I use to write about.

August 15th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita cuddling at Stillwood “Realm for Photography”

We spent some 30 minutes at “Realm for Photography“. The sim is owned by MysticRose (mysticrose1) who writes about it herself: “I love photography and so have created this with that thought in mind. It will change at times. Please sit, enjoy, relax, and if you want; take pictures. Check underwater as well and join the group to be able to rez.”
Mistress took me first up to a tower to cuddle but unfortunately the animations there didn’t work. Nonetheless the view from up there is lovely. We went down again and found a nice bench to sit and cuddle. Mistress took off my heavy cuffs and we really enjoyed our togetherness as well as the peaceful atmosphere.

August 15th: Impressions of Stillwood “Realm for Photography” (1)

After Mistress had left for her RL I explored the rest of “Realm for Photography“. It is not a full homestead but is nice corner of a larger sim, Stillwood. It offers a lot more places to cuddle, to sit and mediate or for taking pictures. I tried out the umbrella (Mistress Jenny recommended that) where you can even float or jump. I went underwater and to the beach. I saw the chess board as well as some mystic beings. And of course I took some more pictures.

August 15th: Impressions of Stillwood “Realm for Photography” (2)

The upside of an Adult place is that you can take fetish or nude pictures with an nice and colourful background as wel as just take photographs of the flowers, the butterflies of the mystic beings. A really nice place for photography.
Thank you, MysticRose for providing your place to the public! We really enjoyed it.

Landmark to Stillwood – Realm for Photography

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