Simploring 2017 (73) Good Memories & Mirage

Monday, September 4th, I found some time for a simploring tour. I selected to visit “Good Memories“, I found the landmark in Nix Bubbles blog “Places in SL with a tiny pinch of fashion”  (link to Nix’ blog is on the right under Active blogs). There is no description for “Good Memories“.

Impressions of “Good Memories” (1)

The homestead sim is owned by Nicasio Ansar and it is an adult sim. Actually “Good Memories” is a lovely Mediterrean peninsula. The landing point is on a landing stage that leads to a large terrace with some chairs and tables. Just adjacent is a large beach. The village looks picturesque, somehow it looks as if you visit during the midday break.

Impressions of “Good Memories” (2)

If you explore further you’ll find a big residential house and a boathouse, which I visited both. The rest of the peninsula is used for agriculture. “Good Memories” is connected to a larger island, the main island that is called “Mirage” and which is also owned by Nicasio Ansar.

Impressions of “Mirage” (1)

I found a short description on Nicasio’s profile: “Mirage is my sim. Feel free to stop by and photo, date, hangout or explore. There are plenty of places to sit and secret places to find. Mirage is also home to the Mirage Gallery. A Gallery devoted to highlighting erotic photography, art and films by Second life artists.”

Impressions of “Mirage” (2) – the galleries

Mirage” is a lot larger than “Good Memories” and it is a full adult sim. I offers a bit of everything. There’s as well a marketplace and a village. In the village I visited a night club. As I was all alone I tried out the dancing pole. I found two gallery buildings with a lot of SL pictures. It seems that these galliers are not used for changing exhibitions, at least I found no boards indicating something like that. The sim is layed out in terraces and on the top level I found a gallery, most probable the above mentioned Mirage Gallery. The current exhibtion is by Isa Messioptra and titeled “a Romance in Brooklyn”.

Impressions of “Mirage” (3) – cosy place and other points of interest

I continued exploring and saw the amusement park as well as an obviously abandoned Japanese house that is slowly covered by trees and plants. I found many cosy places at “Mirage” as well as places to meet and I’m pretty sure that I didn’t discover all. Under the terraces is a large dungeon and a system of many seperate, but connected rooms for play. I didn’t find the offical entrance to it. Something I need to discover when I visit next time. “Mirage” is a very varied sim, my many pictures do prove it.

Impressions of “Mirage” (4) – dungeon and play rooms

Thank you Nicasio for providing your sim “Mirage” and your homestead “Good Memories” to the public. I enjoyed my visit and I intend to return.

Landmark to “Good Memories”
Landmark to “Mirage”

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