Simploring 2017 (29) Bella Italia – Amandia

It seems that the Mediterranean appeals to many of us in a magic way. That’s true at least for me. Wednesday, April 12th, I came across Amandia by following Nix Bubbles’ blog “Places in Secondlife with a tiny pinch of fashin” (link to this blog is in the Active blogs list).Amandia is a little Italian village which offers a really great variety of living, roleply, fun and kink. First of all it is very picturesque and a place for those who like taking pictures. It is made with love and creativity and to me it looks really like a place to spend a vacation. Amandia also presents some art. I did recognize immediatly several of Mistero Hifeng’s art. In addition it has countless places to cuddle, to sit, to dance and to dream. Amandia has several beaches and patio’s, there are (public) vacation homes as well as one private (non-pubic) resident home. There are possibilities for roleplay, night clubs, sky boxes for voyeurs, lesbians and for extreme play. And there is a hotel that has also a suite for bdsm.I visited for about an hour and could just get a little overview. I roamed around in the village first. It is not large but the houses there are not empty and just facades, instead they are furnished very many with details. The village really make you feel like being in Italy. Amazing. I visited some of the skyboxes (kinky), the beaches with the many opportunities to sit, to take a sunbath, to cuddle or to surf. I went to the little half island “Though Isle”, which is more for meditation. I spent time walking along the shore promenade. I walekd up to the lighthouse. I enjoyed many many views .. and of course I couldn’t hold back and also visited the hotel suite for bdsm.
Amandia is a full sim and an adult sim (so you can sunbath naked .. and more). The landmark description lists all the activities: “Vintage city, beach, dance, outdoors, kid, garden, piano’s bar, farm, nature, forest, hangout, live music, sea,  photoset, photostudio, models, hotel, suite, dom, lesbian, bdsm, hospital, Mama Allpa clinic“. Amandia is owned and created by robb (robbaccia). He wrote (in the notecard you’ll get upon landing in Amandia): “I’m very glad to welcome you to Amandia, folklore, arts, nature and hospitality from the  people of ‘LeMarche’, an Italian Region.
The land is open to all ** Human Avatars and Pets **, the moderate area is open to ** Child avatars ** too. You can fly and rez (group required). No Nazis, No fascists. Respect other avatars and have fun
There is not much to add but a big thank you to robb for providing this gem to all SL users.
Landmark to Amandia
Flickr for Amandia

Simploring 2017 (22) – TaKe Heart

Saturday, March 25th, I visited “TaKe Heart“. I came across it by following the blog of Nix Bubbles (nixi12345), Places in Secondlife with a tiny pinch of Fashion.
TaKe Heart is a photogenic sim with many areas to hang out, take photographs or dance or cuddle. As it is an adult sim you can visit wearing fetish clothes or just nothing. The sim is owned by Kess (kess.crystal). The notecard, that you can grab upon landing says that TaKe Heart is owned by Kess and Spazz Tackett …. and I assume that “TaKe” is the Ta from Tackett and the Ke from Kess. The sim was designed by Sadystika Sabretooth, and she really made a great job with this sim. I spent an hour wandering around, exploring, enjoying the peace and testing several places just to sit and dream.
There are several buildings at TaKe Heart: the landing point, a wind mill, a farm, a church, 2 houses where you can purchase poses and animations, a dance area surrounded by arcs and a greenhouse. All buidings develop an own charme and offer opportunites to take pictures. Spread all over the sim are places to cuddle be it at the shores or under a tree.
TaKe Heart is another example how beautiful Second Life can be and what you can create. Many thanks to all who contributed to this gem of Second Life, particularly to Kess for providing the sim to the public.
Landmark to TaKe Heart
There’s also a Facebook site for TaKe Heart

Simploring 2017 (12) L’intangible & Field of dreams

Sundays are my simploring days. Last Sunday, February 19th, I went exploring L’intangible. I came across it by following the blog of Nix Bubbles (nixi12345), Places in Secondlife with a tiny pinch of Fashion.

Feb 19th: L'intangible (in the foreground - South) & Field of dreams (in the background - North)

Feb 19th: L’intangible (in the foreground – South) & Field of dreams (in the background – North)

L’intangible & Field of dreams are two connected adjacent homestead sims, just lovely and rural. It could be somewhere in the Mediterranean, maybe in France as there are vineyards, sunflower fields and fruit trees. There’s a lot of nature and some scattered buildings. I landed at L’intangible, the southern homestead. There’s not much to see, just a farm, a house, some agricultural machines. In the Southwest is a lighthouse and from it’s top you can look not just over L’intangible but also to Fields of dreams in the north. In the Southeast is a big rock and you can walk up to it’s top for another overview. At the foot of the rock is an old abandonned house. Overall you could get a bit melancholic at L’intangible.20170219-lintangible_016Field of dreams is also dominated by agriculture. The description of Field of dreams sums it up nicely: The human work is an eternal new beginning…drought, autumn rain, the ground draining away by the runoff. It is because of these climatic and physical factors that human built this landscape to be able to create spaces suitable for crops. These gardens terraces in the broken rock, cleared of stones are named “bancels”, they punctuate the landscape from the bottom of the valleys to peaks with meadows, fruit orchards and vegetable garden.”20170219-lintangible_017

Field of dreams has some little satellite islands, one in the West and three in the North. In the middle of Field of dreams is a bigger house which looks as if the farmers could gather a bit of wealth here. I can’t describe why, but Field of dreams didn’t make me as melancholic as L’intangible did.
Both sims are built with love for the detail and you can see that they were build from one person, Iska (sablina), who writes about herself: “I love creating landscapes and dreaming inside”. A really nice work. I enjoyed my visit. The only thing I missed were a few more spots to sit and dream.

Feb 19th: At the northern end of Field of dreams

Feb 19th: At the northern end of Field of dreams

Landmark to L’intangible