Simploring 2018 (5) Bird People by Cica Ghost

To be able to fly (in the physical world) is an old dream of mankind and if we could fly we were free as birds, maybe we would be bird people. On Saturday, January 6th, I visited “Bird people by Cica Ghost“. Upon landing you’re asked to use region windlight and to switch the advanced lighting model and shadows (sun/moon + projector) on.

January 6th: Stepping into the world of “Bird People by Cica Ghost”

Where you land? In a bird cage of course. No worries, it is open and from here you can explore Cica’s Bird people. It is another very impressive art installation from Cica. Cica’s Bird People live in a dark and foggy world of metal bird cages, which are connected or accessed by stairs. Besides the cages, most of them are open, there’re large metal fences and frames, stell beams and some decorative ironwork. The ground is tiled with some islands of plants inbetween, the plants being in shadows of grey as the whole world of the Bird People.

Bird People by Cica Ghost in their cages

This time Cica gives away the central message of her piece of art “We are all living in cages with the door wide open (George Lucas)“. And yes, “Bird People by Cica Ghost” is full of metaphers. They are free yet they seek the protection of there cages, but they also seek to gather. Some of them have left their cages and gathered, maybe to talk or just to be close together. But they can always return to the security of their cages. Some do live alone in a cage, some as a family of two or three. Their world is dark and foggy and quite complex, structures are hard to reveal.

Bird People by Cica Ghost seeking togetherness

Some of the Bird people just observe the scenery from an elevated point, a higher cage, but they live in their cage like the others. Another thought came into my mind, Bird people could fly (they are birds!) yet they don’t. They could take advantage of their abilities, but they don’t. We learned to fly in the physical world, we can get over most barriers and frontiers but we don’t, we’re caught in our little world of cages, which offers security. And hence the world stays grey.

Diomita meets Cica literally in her installation “Bird People”

I met Cica in one of the cages a little bit apart of the main structure and with a good view on it. She was there with a friend or acquaintance and they were talking about the Bird People. And of course we exchanged as well about them. Cica Ghost’s art installations are always worth a visit and the Bird People is no exemption. I admire her creativity and art. You should get a look at the “Bird People by Cica Ghost“.
Thank you Cica. I enjoyed my visit!

Landmark to Bird People by Cica Ghost

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