Simploring 2018 (29) – Bees and Bears by Cica Ghost

Cica Ghosts work became a regular part of my SL experience. Just recently in 2018 I visited her Bird People, the 50 cats  and her exhibition “from Under the Sea“. And now I got an invitation from Cica Ghost to see her “Bees and Bears“.

Bees and Bears by Cica Ghost

I visited “Bees and Bears” on Thursday, March 22nd. Cica selected a funny description for it “What do you call a bears without ears? – B’s“. Bees and Bears is installed on island with the typical Cica touch. The ground is first of all meagre but there are fields of white, large flowers, some trees, a few paths made of stones, some meadows and you can even find a spot with mushrooms. And of course there are bees, many of them and they’re quite large and most of them wear a smile in their face while they busy collect farina or transport baskets with honey.

First impressions of “Bees and Bears” around the landing spot (lower right shows Cica and me)

Besides the fields of flowers you’ll find 4 outstanding spots and scenes:
– the bee fairy who stands on one hill and is surrounded by bees
– the village where the bee live in their hives. Have a look into the hives, some are empty, some only inhabited by one bee, others are used by several bees to sleep in and some ore used a honey storage.
– the two bears, also surrounded by bees and flowers, one bear pulls a little cart with a pot of honey
– Cica’s hut with a small garden

Bees and Bears by Cica Ghost – the 4 highlights

It all looks very peaceful. It is a world of it’s own, like a fairy tale. Happy bees, happy bears, the bee fairy, growing flowers, green meadows, the little garden and some trees transformed the meagre island into a happy spot for an escape of everyday life.

Bees and Bears by Cica Ghost – the village of beehives

For the fun, Cica also provides a bee car which you can use to cruise over the island. And every visitor can grab a free flower and either hold it during the visit or take it home and plant it (I did both!).
At the landing spot you can also get a notecard with the list of Cica’s former installations in Second Life as well as a landmark to her inworld shop. I met Cica during my visit and we had a small chat. She told me that she always has just one installation open for a limited time, then she closes it and works on the next.

Bees and Bears by Cica Ghost – Cica’s hut and Cica’s bee car

Bees and Bears has not such a serious background as the Bird People. The only message I can think of is the current debate about mass death of bees due to environmental factors and pesticides – here at Bees and Bears, they have a their own little world and can demonstrate their important contribution to life. Nonetheles, Bees and Bears is more providing a smile and transfers some of the bees and bears happiness to the visitor, at least I left with a smile in my face.

Go and visit yourself as long as it is open to the public.
Thank you Cica!

Bees and Bears by Cica Ghost

Cica Ghost’s flickr:

Cica’s Shop in SL:

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