Simploring 2018 (23) Witchwood and RMS Titanic at Desolate

Saturday, March 3rd, I picked Witchwood from SL Destinations. The landmark description is short: “WITCHWOOD: Home to Petite Mort & Oubliette – Currently under construction. Coming March 2018“.
Witchwood is owned by Melora Frost (insilvermoonlight), who also owns two stores for clothing and accessories: Petite Mort and Oubliette. While Oubliette is a store for gypsies, witches, vamps, sinners, weirdos and anyone that appreciates the darker, magical side of life, Petite Mort is for the modern bohemian.

Witchwood – Home to Petite Mort & Oubliette: Overview

As far as I understood and read at Melora Frost’s profile, Witchwood will become the new headquarter for both stores and both brands will be marketed together in future. Witchwood is built symetrical. The landing is in the middle of the plot facing a pond with a high waterfall and a wooden pier reaching out into the pond. As you’d suspect by the name Witchwood, there’s a magic, mystic atmosphere.
Around the landing point are several boards, one announcing a photo contest, another an “Enchanted Spring Treasure Hunt” coming in April. Around the landing a thick forest. Two other boards show the way to Petit Mort and to Oubliette. Both stores are huge. I peeked into both – and at Oubliette there was a crowd of customers. It might have been an event.
Melora Frost (insilvermoonlight) organizes events too. She’s Co-founder/Creative Director Season of the Witch events. And there’s a Website.

Witchwood – around the landing point

Beside shopping Witchwood offers several spots to sit and to cuddle in this particular forest atmophere. And by this it also offers the opportunity to take pictures. During my short visit Mistress Jenny came inworld and met me there. And of course I made some pictures of us.

Witchwood – Home to Petite Mort & Oubliette: The shops

Thank you Melora Frost for providing a really nice add-on to your shops. Witchwood is a lovely and mystic place. It also proves that you don’t need a lot of space to create a nice and particular place. I enjoyed my short trip and I’ll have a look at the hunt in April.

Witchwood – places to cuddle

And what about the Titanic? Well, I cut the overview above picture of Witchwood. When I zoomed out to get an overview I saw the Titanic, which might still be the most famous passenger ship ever. Everyone recognizes it characteristic silhouette.
The Titanic here? I visited the Titanic in Second Life back in 2014 (read here). It’s obviously the same recontruction, built Morphius Barbosa. And I also remembered the memorial, which is still there. Just the location changed and it is now just adjacent to Witchwood at Desolate: RMS Titanic, Ship Of Dreams.

RMS Titanic, Ship Of Dreams

RMS Titanic, Ship Of Dreams is group owned. Looking up Morphius Barbosa’s profile, I read that he has sold his avatar but is still in Second Life as Reborn Wingtips.
So whoever is paying now to keep the Titanic in Second Life, thank you! And thank you, Reborn Wingtips for building this legendary ship.

I can recommend a visit to both places, to Witchwood and to RMS Titanic, Ship Of Dreams

Landmark to Witchwood
Season of the Witch Events
Landmark to RMS Titanic, Ship Of Dreams

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