Visting H.M.S. Titanic

I went exploring Second Life again lately and discovered H.M.S. Titanic (
Once again I was impressed by the creativity and beauty of SL. Today I took Jenny to the ship and I made a series of pictures there. Here’s a selection of the best pictures.

20140622 Dio on tour Titanic_002

20140625 Dio on tour Titanic_007
20140625 Dio on tour Titanic_008
20140625 Dio on tour Titanic_009
20140625 Dio on tour Titanic_011
20140625 Dio on tour Titanic_015
20140625 Dio on tour Titanic_022
We had the night just for us and later Jenny took advantage of me (of course and like always it was my fault: this time because I looked too tempting)… and this picture documentates how the tour ended.

20140625 End of the tour Titanic_001

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