Simploring 2018 (24) Seaside Shores

Thursday, March 8th, I went simploring again and again I picked a landmark from SL Destinations  – Seaside Shores.

Seaside Shores – overview

Seaside Shores is located on a sim named “Gentle Breezes” and owned by Rose Nitely (Rosy Highwater). I don’t know if the sim’s name is just a coincidence. It might be that Rose has choose the sim’s name. It fits!
Seaside Shores‘ landmark description is a poem:
To the beach, the sand , the waves
A summer day with no sense of hurry
Feet in the surf and the cry of the gull
Appreciating a day without worry…

Seaside Shores – at the beach

In Rose’s profile I found this short summary and invitation: “Gentle Breezes is finally open to the public for a while. Come walk the sandy shores, relax in a hotspring or climb the bluffs and wander amidst lush meadow and wooded glade. Most of all, simply enjoy what we hope may be among your favorite places to visit.

Seaside Shores – at the beach (upper) and on the hills (lower)

The landing point of Seaside Shores is in the middle of a large beach that is surrounded by a chain of hills to one side and the water on the other side. From the beach you can see some homes on the hills overlooking the beach as well as a waterfall. It all looks very peaceful. I walked along the beach, enjoyed the views, visited a beach bar. There are many places do sit together or alone, just lovely. I got a nice early taste of Summer, although I was dressed absolutely wrong.

Seaside Shores – path on the hills (upper left) / at the waterfall (upper right) / on the porch of one home (lower)

I walked up to the hills, where the atmosphere is different: everything is green, there’s a small forest, a nice path along the hills. All the homes offer nice views to the beach and again you find a lot of places to stop and sit and enjoy. I also used the ballon above the waterfall which offers another possibility to sit. The waterfall at Seaside Shores is similar to the one have our home sim “Mount Everest” (the name does not fit), ours is called “Angel Falls”.

Seaside Shores – impressions

After my walk long the hills I went down to the beach and went over to the lighthouse. I walked up just to enjoy the view from there.
Seaside Shores is a perfect place to wind down and enjoy togetherness. You can sense that it is built with love. I enjoyed my short visit a lot! Thank you Rose for providing your place to the public.

Landmark to Seaside Shores

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