Simploring 2018 (25) Never Totally Dead

I picked “Never Totally Dead” from SL Destinations, again a place built as an exhibition for a store with the same name owned by Sean (Bluesean Yiyuan). The store offers old manors, historic buildings, haunted items, furniture and curiosities. The landing is on a street in front of the main store. The whole scenery is set to the 1930’s or 40’s, at least looking at the car, that is parked on the street and looking at the front of the store. The store looks really small, but it opens up in the back and is quite large actually.

Never Totally Dead – overview

I started my visit with the store. And this visit was quite enjoyable. There’s not just furniture! Walking through the rooms I passed by antique vases on podests …. and ups, they fall down and broke into pieces. Did I touch? Antique porcelain dishes falled from the wall, ghosts began to throw with paper, books and other stuffs …. a dining table was set up by magic and a turkey and a bottle of champane began to hoover above the table. Funny! Halloween is coming but not now! You can of course also buy antique furniture, clocks and other stuff, even a old manor. This visit was fun – and now I know where to get some joke articles.

Never Totally Dead – impressions from the store

Leaving the store “Never Totally Dead” and following the road you come to a manor, that is surrounded by a large garden, or is it more a palace? I went inside and it looked quite familiar. It was not the furniture that looked familiar. The manor is furnished like you would expect it from a palace and is really fitting to the outside. And of course it is mainly furnished with the furniture you can buy at the store.
Familiar for me was the layout because I saw this manor already in several other places. Now I know where I could buy this manor (I won’t). Knowing the general floor plan I found the staircase to the cellar, but in this manor you just find wine there. In the cellars of the manors I visited before in Second Life there was the more kinky stuff. Did I mention that I destroyed some vases and porcelain again during my visit to the manor?
Anway, the manor, the garden house and the surrounding park is very nice and invites to take same pictures. I had fun.

Never Totally Dead – impressions from the manor

When I had just finish my simploring tour, Mistress Jenny came inworld and I invited her over. I can tell that she had really fun with the haunted items in the store and she also recognized the floorplan of the manor.

Never Totally Dead – more impressions / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at the manor and in the store

Never Totally Dead” is a really nice setting for a store like this. It might be more expensive than just a store or selling at the marketplace. But I’m much happier to see the items in a fitting enviroment and having fun exploring. Even when you don’t buy anything, “Never Totally Dead” is worth a visit! Thank you Sean for being creative and providing some more fun and a nice environment for your store. I liked it.

Landmark to Never Totally Dead

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