Diary 2018 (49) March 22nd – The Nothing

Thursday, March 22nd, turned out to be a simploring and kinkploring day. In the afternoon, I visited “Bees and Bears” by Cica Ghost (read yesterday’s post here) and at night I took Jenny and slave drone Flo on a kinkploring tour to “The Nothing :: [Femdom – D/s – RLV]“.

I found the landmark and the description in someone’s profile while standing around in one of our clubs. The Nothing is “a dreamscape located beyond the mists, it’s home of the House of Naxxras and their kindred“. It is tagged with “petplay ponyplay forest bdsm findom objectification transformation lesbian futa femboy shemale matriarchy demon mistress“. Sounded tempting for me :-).

The Nothing – overview (upper left) and at the landing point

The landing point is in a dome-shaped building obviously used as a place to dance and meet. There’s some bdsm furniture as well as bondage gear and a few cages. It’s quite stylish and nice. The Nothing is an adlut rated homestead and group owned. The founder of the group and most probably the owner of the sim is Nohemi Adonis Naxxras (hairtuss).
The Nothing is a rocky, densely wooded island – and it is foggy (unless you change the windlight settings – I did change it for the purpose of exploring). There are several trails and levels and you can easily get lost.

The Nothing – in a hidden dungeon

We found quite some cosy places. All of them not too large, but big enough for more than two persons and often equipped with a few bdsm toys, like cells or bondage frames. I assume that there are more than just one hidden dungeon in the underground – we just did only find one during our short visit to The Nothing.

Impressions of The Nothing

I can confirm that the description “a dreamscape located beyond the mists” fits very well. Besides being a place to live out our kinks, it is a lovely mysterious island and offers a lot of possibilities for taking pictures or just to wind down.
During our visit we were more or less all alone on the island. I don’t know if there’s a regular event at The Nothing or a regular group of people using it but I suspect that. It might be a homestead like ours, used to meet during the prime time of our timezone, and to play every once in a while. It’s open to the public and I consider to take advantage of it one or the other day. For sure a place to see to enjoy the atmosphere or to play.

Thank you Nohemi Adonis Naxxras (hairtuss) for providing the The Nothing to the public.

Landmark to The Nothing

After our visit to The Nothing we winded down for a bit at Mesmerize dungeon, so that slave drone Flo could recover from being dragged around before she went to bed. I took my property to Domme a Domme to expose her as I still can’t get enough of seeing her at my feet. And I crowned the night using her at home.

March 22nd: Diomita with Jenny and slave drone Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon (upper left) / Diomita with her very owned Mistress at Domme a Domme (right) / Diomita in full control of Jenny at home (lower left)

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