Simploring 2018 (34) Serendipity Restaurant at Orchard Heights

I was up for a short simploring tour Friday April 6th and this time I picked a place from the SL Desitnation guide again: Serendipity Restaurant. The description caught my attention “Serendipity Restaurant is a lush combination of amazing food and a stunning view. An open-concept structure provides Residents with a lovely dining atmosphere while the ocean breeze gently rolls through the restaurant. This is a luxuriously relaxing dining experience for everyone.
Why did it catch my attention? Because restaurants in Second Life are much rarer than in the physcial world. Well, I assume that’s because pixels have no taste and you can eat them literally. I remember that I searched for a restaurant for taking a picture and it took very long to find a suitable location.

Serendipity Restaurant – overview and impressions

Serendipity Restaurant is a nice place, in the physical world you would recognize it as an expensive and quite superior restaurant. You can sit inside with a lovely view out, but you can also sit outside. It’s the perfect place for a wedding and I’m pretty sure that some SL weddings have taken place there.
Beside the lovely views everything is set up nicely and the tables are set and decorated. The only thing I missed was a kitchen! *winks*.

Impressions of Serendipity Restaurant at Orchard Heights

Besides visiting the Serendipity Restaurant I learned about something else – Orchard Heights. The restaurant is part of community of 17 connected sims where you can live, roleplay and attend other activities. Orchard Heights is owned and operated by Aiden Tigra (aidentigra) and Aurora Tigra (auroradarklove). There’s an own website with more information about events, avaible homes and living at Orchard heights. I got a friendly hello when I arrived and I got a notecard, an orientation HUD and the web address for Orchard heights. It seems quite professionally managed.
And the restaurant seems to be one of the amenities you get when you’re living there – but you can book the place as well as a non resident, as far as I understood.

Landmark to Serendipity Restaurant
Orchard Heights website

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