Diary 2018 (65) April 12th/13th Kinkploring

Thursday night, April 12th, we decided to go kinkploring. My current list of places to go to was empty. Hence our kinploring tour started with a visit to Heavy Bondage Club and we took slave Flo with us. We stayed about half an hour watching the crowd, enjoyed some eye candy and read profiles, then I had 5 places to visit, all taken from profiles that night.

Before we really began visiting kinky places, Mistress Jenny and I visited a shop. We didn’t get anything nor was it a shop to visit again. slave kelly came inworld and accompanied us on the tour.

April 12th kinkploring: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo at Heavy Bondage Club and meeting slave kelly

The first place we visited was BAD GIRLS (RLV) Hangout & BDSM Dungeon, a place tagged with “Forced, slave, punish, bestiality, bondage, hardcore, collar, shemale, femboy, gang, bang, whore, slut, bimbo, AFK, cum, bukkake, Master, Domme, roleplay, chill out, rape, tentacles, torture, lolita, daddy, kidnap, gangbang, torture, toy, pain, Mama Allpa, femdom“.
Wow, that’s a long tag list, isn’t it? Mistress Jenny told me that we have been at Bad Girls before long ago and actually she remembered it – I didn’t. The place was really quite full, full of newbies, men, advertisements over and over, lights and boards and looked really not tempting at all.
I’d love to take more pictures but Mistress Jenny literally run through the different rooms and she was hard to stop. At one room she told us, that there women can be fucked being afk – what the hell is the sense?!? I mean, in a virtual world, why would you park your avatar for being fucked and don’t even attend it?? That’s strange, at least for me! Anyway, Bad girls is not at all my and our cup of tea.

April 12th kinkploring: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave kelly visiting “Bad Girls”

The second place we went to was Vortex Hypnosis World, described as “Big tits Bimbos come and Obey! And meet other Hypnotists or subjects in many different hypnotic environments: Gynoids, Neko and Furry, Bimbos, BDSM, Slave, Cult, Dance Club with Ultra Graphics Compatibility. Hypnosis from all the creators.
This place was new to Mistress Jenny and myself. It proves that there’s a place for every kink or fetish you can think of. Again the place was in my eyes shrill and bizarre. Huge boards surrounded us playing slideshows and videos of non-natural huge breasts in all forms. I got real back pain looking at them. In the center of the place are several hypnosis stands where you can dive into your own kinky world.
The owner of Vortex Hypnosis World, Dr John Skytower (johng skytower), was present and invited us to try out everything we’d like. Honestly my demand visiting kinky places was fully covered by now and we left Vortex Hypnosis World.

April 12th kinkploring: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo and slave kelly visiting “Vortex Hypnosis World”

We ended our kinkploring after these two weired places – and I do still have 3 more on my list now for the next tour. At home slave Flo left us for bed.
We had a visitor, Irene Soames (aaron immelmann), who was exploring our place. She had Albatraz, Claven Albatros’ sim in her picks, but slave kelly didn’t know her form her time there. We chatted a bit with Irene, then I took the opportunity to use what slave kelly showed me in the afternoon and I ordered our slave to present herself to Irene. slave kelly did well and Mistress Jenny was surprised as she first thought that the whole procedure was my idea. It wasn’t as I told her later, but I like the idea and might come up with other ideas for the slaves to shows their obedience in particular in front of strangers.
After our visitor left, Mistress Jenny and I spent a few minutes at club DeLust, then our full and varied night was over and we went to bed.

April 12th: slave kelly presenting herself to Irene (left) / Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club DeLust and at home (right)

Friday, April 13th, Mistress Jenny and I went with slave kelly and Angelique to The Secret House. Anne joined us there. We spent an hour at the club, watching the crowd, reading profiles and chatting among us in private. And at night – our regular Friday night party to start off the weekend with the theme “red”

April 13th: Friday night party at Eurobrats HQ, Mount Everest

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