Simploring 2018 (35) The Hamptons and Aphrodisiac

For my simploring tour Sunday, April 15th, I picked The Hamptons from Inara Pey’s blog post “The Hamptons in Second Life“.
The Hamptons is described as “Amazing nature scenes, inspired by Northern East Coast or Western European landscapes, with plenty of hide aways to cuddle and relax from the crowd and the noise.” The description fits well.

The Hamptons – overview

The Hamptons consist of 3 larger and one small rocky island which are all connected by bridges. The landing is on the largest of these island at the site of an old piano factory. From here you can walk over wooden paths and bridges and enjoy the views over the island. There are some nice places to sit and cuddle and to enjoy the nature.
After walking over the first bridge you get to the entrance of an old mine. Of course I went in. The tunnel ends in a big cave, but there’s not much to see. I crossed the next bridge and walked over another bridge to the smallest island. There’s just one single room house in a Japanese style.

Impressions of The Hamptons (1) – around the landing point / at the entrance to the mine (lower right)

The room reminded me more of a cage or cell, then a living space. I walked back and got to a high plateau from where you can again enjoy the view. Next to a caravan is another single room house in a Japanese style, again remembering of a cage – and you can’t get in btw. I tried some of the lovely spots to sit and walked back to the middle island with the old mine.
When you walk along the edge of the rock you reach a greenhouse that is protected to the wind by the rock, quite cosy. Shame, there’s no cuddle possiblity there. The last place I visited was the pier where I found a doll cage and a Victorian Mistress chair, both made me curios of course! A part of the pier is already private area, about a quarter of The Hamptons is private. It is not marked but protected by ban lines.

Impressions of The Hamptons (2) – single room house (upper left) / at the high plateau (upper right and lower left) / at the greenhouse (lower right)

The Hamptons is owned by Haye Von Ayenhaha (Haye Aya). Thank you for providing your sim to the public! I did enjoy my simploring visit a lot.

Landmark to The Hamptons
Inara Pey’s blog post “The Hamptons in Second Life”

In Inara Pey’s blog entry I read that Haye Von Ayenhaha (Haye Aya) has used some of her own mesh designs for creating The Hamptons, Inara mentioned in particular the wooden paths and bridges. And yes, in Haye’s profile I found the remark that The Hamptons is “a show case of what can be done in landscaping with lots of my designs“.
I wanted to visit Haye’s shop and found it the landmark to “Haha – Aphrodisiac Clothing” in her profile. From the tags of the landmarks description (among others Latex, BDSM Accessories, Catsuits, Pet Collars, Fetish fashion) I expected a store for kinky clothes but what I found was a shop for furniture and other home and garden stuff.
Some of her work is really nice, for example she sells an iron patio frame, that is unique and will be sold just once. I like this idea. What I didn’t find were clothes nor did I find the wooden paths and bridges.

Aphrodisiac – overview

There were more islands where the shop is – and the name of the (adult) sim is promising: Aphrodisiac. I explored the other islands. One is dedicated to Matriarchy, one is dedicated to Patriarchy, one is obviously the former site of the store and there I found the tunnel and the cave from The Hamptons and one island is private again. I also noticed that other elements like bulidings of The Hamptons are use at Aprhodisiac as well.

Impressions of Aphrodisiac – at the Haha store (upper pictures) / at Matriarchy (lower left) / at Patriarchy (lower right)

I appreciate the rules for Matriarchy and PatriarchyMesh avatars only, system avatars will be ejected. Human avatars only, max size 210 cm for men, 190 for women; check on rulers. We ban oversized and non human…
Hence my simploring tour was also a kinkploring tour. Finally I had a look for Haye’s clothes and I found her clothes on the SL marketplace at least.

Landmark to Haha – Aphrodisiac Clothing
Landmark to Matriarchy
Landmark to Patriarchy
Link to Haha on SL marketplace

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  1. John
    Apr 26, 2018 @ 18:44:08

    Reblogged this on KULTIVATE MAGAZINE.


  2. Haye Aya
    Apr 26, 2018 @ 20:24:03

    Thanks for visiting and blogging kindly Diomita! Since your visit I have remodeled Aphrodisiac quite dramatically, I hope you’ll like the new design! And yes, my shops are chaotic as I am reorganizing everything 😉


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