Simploring 2018 (36) Untitled by Storm Septimus

I picked my simploring destination from SL Destinations again and visited “Untitled“, an installation by Storm Septimus at LEA28.

Untiteled by Storm Septimus

Untitled is a particular piece of art, dark and somehow depressing but it also has elements of hope. Upon landing I strongly recommend to grab a notecard in order to understand the background of “Untiteled“. Storm explains why there’s no name for this installation and how it was built as a process, adding piece by piece what came into Strom’s mind:
I wanted to highlight the emotional effects of disability. I know I could have gone so many ways with that, however at the time I took up residency I was very very ill, so this absolutely contributed to my design going down a less optimistic path. The installation ended up a visual of that lonely , desolate , hopeless place of despair in my mind.

Impressions of “Untiteled” by Storm Septimus (1)

Impressions of “Untiteled” by Storm Septimus (2)

At the landing you can also get information about “Virtual Ability”, a group that helps bring people with many kinds of RL disabilities mental, emotional, physical and sensory into Second Life, and provides them with a supportive community. The landing platform sits on the shoulders of 4 large statues, you can see how they suffer carrying the platform, but they are strong.
At their feet is a garden presenting the group “Virtual Ability”. And from there you cross a bridge to the second part of “Untitled“.
Again this island is supported by two statues, but not on their shoulders but on their backs and they almost break under the load they carry. The main high plateau is a huge sea of blood and the sound does intensify the dark and depressing mood. There’re dead bodies swimming in the sea of blood. There are also places to sit and to watch, to let your mind wander, to try to feel and follow the artists thoughts.

Impressions of “Untiteled” by Storm Septimus (3)

At some places you find diaries with thoughts of people with longterm disabilities. On the other hand, this installation was built by Storm Septimus in a state od disability and proves that something impressive can arise from this state. There’s the place with the many buring candles that expresses the hope to leave the depression behind (my interpretation) and there’s the unexplainable beauty of “Untiteled“, the many extraordinairy views and impressions you get.
Untitled” is a very touching masterpiece enabling us to get a tiny insight into the mind of someone ill.

Impressions of “Untiteled” by Storm Septimus (4)

Thank you Storm Septimus!

Landmark to “Untitled”

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