Simploring 2018 (37) I am [SL] Amsterdam

My destination for another simploring tour on Monday, April 23rd, was “I am [SL] Amsterdam“, which I found following the blog “The Second Life Tourist“. Isabella Coletti (Belladochas Minoptra) reported about “I am [SL] Amsterdam” in her blog April 21st.

I am [SL] Amsterdam – overview

I am [SL] Amsterdam” is a homestead sim owned by inkie Loudwater. She says about herself that she’s Second Life shop and blogaholic and she writes about Second Life Fashion, Home & Garden and Music in her blog Pixel Styles (older posts are in a seperate blog here).

I am [SL] Amsterdam – Impressions (1)

I am [SL] Amsterdam” is, no surprise, inspired by the city of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. inkie told me that the name of her homestead refers to a big sign in Amsterdam “I amsterdam”. I am [SL] Amsterdam” consists of a few buildings, streets and one of the typical canals in the center and is surrounded by green flat land and water.
On the green land you find a broken lighthouse, a piece that I saw quite often in the meanwhile and that is obviously quite popular in SL. There’re are also some modern wind mills and an old wind mill. The ground floor of the old wind mill is used as a class room.

I am [SL] Amsterdam – Impressions (2)

I am [SL] Amsterdam – Impressions (3)

The little center of “I am [SL] Amsterdam” offers a lot to discover inside, like a fitness studio or a car shop or a dirty backyard. Just what you’d expect in a city. At the waterfront you find two houseboats, also typical for the Netherlands. I like the setting of the city surrounded by the green meadows, I think that’s particular and provides the dutch touch.
inkie told me that she changes her sim according to the season, so depending on the time of your visit you might see something a bit different.

I am [SL] Amsterdam – Impressions (4)

I am [SL] Amsterdam” is a nice and peaceful place. It provides a lot of views and backgrounds for pictures and it is fun to explore. Thank you inkie for providing your sim to the public. I did enjoy my visit.

Landmark to “I am [SL] Amsterdam”
inkie Loudwater’s blog Pixel Styles (older Posts)

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