Simploring 2018 (42) Serendipitous Sands

Diomita on the beach!
Thursday night, May 3rd, I made a simploring tour again. I selected “Serendipitous Sands” from SL Destinations and read the post of Isabella Coletti (Belladochas Minoptra) about it in her blog “The Second Life Tourist“.

Serendipitous Sands overview and Diomita on the beach

Serendipitous Sands is a beach sim, consisting of several smaller islands. Large parts of Serendipitous Sands are public, on some islands are beach homes, that are rented out. As they are private I kept off.
There’s not that much to write about Serendipitous Sands, but there’s a lot to see and to try out, in particular there’re a lot of beach chairs and other beach furniture and places to sit and dream. The sim offers a beautiful background for pictures and of course I took a lot of pictures! This way you’re going to see me on the beach *winks*.

Impressions of Serendipitous Sands

Diomita on the beach at Serendipitous Sands (1)

Diomita on the beach at Serendipitous Sands (2)

Serendipitous Sands is owned by Hoagy (hoagyrosenberg). Thank you Hoagy for keeping a large area public for everybody to use and enjoy.

Landmark to Serendipitous Sands
Blog post in “The Second Life Tourist”

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