Simploring 2018 (42) Serendipitous Sands

Diomita on the beach!
Thursday night, May 3rd, I made a simploring tour again. I selected “Serendipitous Sands” from SL Destinations and read the post of Isabella Coletti (Belladochas Minoptra) about it in her blog “The Second Life Tourist“.

Serendipitous Sands overview and Diomita on the beach

Serendipitous Sands is a beach sim, consisting of several smaller islands. Large parts of Serendipitous Sands are public, on some islands are beach homes, that are rented out. As they are private I kept off.
There’s not that much to write about Serendipitous Sands, but there’s a lot to see and to try out, in particular there’re a lot of beach chairs and other beach furniture and places to sit and dream. The sim offers a beautiful background for pictures and of course I took a lot of pictures! This way you’re going to see me on the beach *winks*.

Impressions of Serendipitous Sands

Diomita on the beach at Serendipitous Sands (1)

Diomita on the beach at Serendipitous Sands (2)

Serendipitous Sands is owned by Hoagy (hoagyrosenberg). Thank you Hoagy for keeping a large area public for everybody to use and enjoy.

Landmark to Serendipitous Sands
Blog post in “The Second Life Tourist”

Simploring 2018 (37) I am [SL] Amsterdam

My destination for another simploring tour on Monday, April 23rd, was “I am [SL] Amsterdam“, which I found following the blog “The Second Life Tourist“. Isabella Coletti (Belladochas Minoptra) reported about “I am [SL] Amsterdam” in her blog April 21st.

I am [SL] Amsterdam – overview

I am [SL] Amsterdam” is a homestead sim owned by inkie Loudwater. She says about herself that she’s Second Life shop and blogaholic and she writes about Second Life Fashion, Home & Garden and Music in her blog Pixel Styles (older posts are in a seperate blog here).

I am [SL] Amsterdam – Impressions (1)

I am [SL] Amsterdam” is, no surprise, inspired by the city of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. inkie told me that the name of her homestead refers to a big sign in Amsterdam “I amsterdam”. I am [SL] Amsterdam” consists of a few buildings, streets and one of the typical canals in the center and is surrounded by green flat land and water.
On the green land you find a broken lighthouse, a piece that I saw quite often in the meanwhile and that is obviously quite popular in SL. There’re are also some modern wind mills and an old wind mill. The ground floor of the old wind mill is used as a class room.

I am [SL] Amsterdam – Impressions (2)

I am [SL] Amsterdam – Impressions (3)

The little center of “I am [SL] Amsterdam” offers a lot to discover inside, like a fitness studio or a car shop or a dirty backyard. Just what you’d expect in a city. At the waterfront you find two houseboats, also typical for the Netherlands. I like the setting of the city surrounded by the green meadows, I think that’s particular and provides the dutch touch.
inkie told me that she changes her sim according to the season, so depending on the time of your visit you might see something a bit different.

I am [SL] Amsterdam – Impressions (4)

I am [SL] Amsterdam” is a nice and peaceful place. It provides a lot of views and backgrounds for pictures and it is fun to explore. Thank you inkie for providing your sim to the public. I did enjoy my visit.

Landmark to “I am [SL] Amsterdam”
inkie Loudwater’s blog Pixel Styles (older Posts)

Simploring 2018 (32) – Mastering the Zen

For my simploring tour Saturday, March 31st, I picked “Mastering the Zen” from SL Destinations. This sim was presented from Isabella Coletti (Belladochas Minoptra) in her blog “The Second Life Tourist“, here’s the link to her blogpost.
I added the link to her blog under “Active blogs” on the side bar of this blog.

Mastering the Zen is an adult skybox and described as “a quiet, calm and tranquil place to escape to, and possibly from depending…”. It is an adult place. And yes it is peaceful in several ways. First of all it is a beautiful garden around 2 Japanese houses, a pond and a big tower. Everything is layed out perfectly like I saw it in other Japanese gardens I visited in Second Life or saw on pictures. I myself was never in Japan and I have no knowledge of Japanese culture. But it is for sure an eye candy.

Mastering the Zen – overview

I first went to the tower. On the ground level is a bondage cage and a hanging cage, we do own these both ourselves. I searched for a way to see the other levels of the tower but there’re no stairs nor a teleport. And I also found out that the other levels are empty. Just on the top level I found a Shibari table and naughty me tried it. What began as a simploring tour became a little “Enjoying bondage” scene. I tried out all poses and took dozends of pictures at the top level of the tower.

Mastering the Zen – Diomita enjoying bondage at the top Level of the tower

Back on the ground level I explored the park a bit more in detail and in fact there’re more Shibari racks .. and again I couldn’t hold back and tried them. For sure a place to take Jenny to on the occasion of my next green light.

Mastering the Zen – the Shibari garden

Between the two houses on the left and the right side is a pond with a bridge and a Shibari cage at each side. The houses contain each a another pond with some flowers and one room, that is used as a bedroom in one house and as a living room in the other house.
Last but not least I should mention the drake, that is right next to the tower, a great piece of art.

Mastering the Zen – Diomita enjoying more bondage at the Shibari garden (upper left and right) / the drake (lower left) / the Pond inside of one house (lower right)

Mastering the Zen is group owned, the group was founded by Lilydeelala Haiku. I assume that she’s the owner of Mastering the Zen. From her profile I learned that the owns a store named “See You Next Tuesday” and I thought I could visit that store in the same sim. But I found no way to the ground level nor to the store. The landmark to the store that I took from Lilydeelala Haiku profile just led me back to Mastering the Zen.

Mastering the Zen is a place for taking pictures in a Japanese environment – and for those who love Shibari. It is indeed very peaceful to hang safely held in ropes and it has something very erotic for me. Thank you Lilydeelala Haiku for my Saturday afternoon Shibari hour at your sim!

Landmark to Mastering the Zen