Diary 2018 (77) May 4th-6th Drone Flo

As I was off for the weekend there’s not much to report for the diary about Friday, May 4th, and Saturday, May 5th. When I returned inworld Sunday night, May 6th, I first caught up with Mistress Jenny before we went home. It turned out to become a way more busy night than Mistress Jenny and I had expected it.

May 6th at home: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Drone Flo, slave slut cecy, Anne, Angelique and Wiltrud

Angelique, Anne and slave Flo were at home and soon also slave slut cecy and Wiltrud joined us there. We put slave Flo into ther HybridZ drone suit and added a communication implant. Now slave Flo can communicate only with a lamp indicating “YES” and “NO”. It is an experience she had long ago before meeting us and becoming our slave – and now we will keep her like this, encased in her own world, for a while. We will have fun with our slave for sure! And Anne will have fun with her too *winks*
I selected something different to wear for Angelique, something very transparent and Angelique has to collect some of her pee, so that we can add it to slave Flo’s smell box.
slave slut cecy didn’t do her dusting at all the last week and hence will have to wait for permission to get another orgasm.

May 6th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Wiltrud and slave slut cecy at club DeLust

And Wiltrud? She knelt just close to me and was patient. We’re going to explore her submissive side and take control of it and her slowly and persistently.
After Anne, slave Flo and Angelique had left, Mistress Jenny and I visited club DeLust with slave slut cecy and Wiltrud for a few minutes. Time flew by way to quickly again.

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