Simploring 2018 (78) Happy Clam Island

Thursday, September 6th, I picked Happy Clam Island for my simploring tour. I found the link in someone’s profile while standing in a S&M (Stand & Model) club and reading profiles and the description and the accompanying picture caught my attention:
PSY Trance Sin
(flower.rainforest): “Organica: some of the best damn lag in SL”
Goa, Oldskool, Psy, Trance, Psytrance,PSY, Solstice, Equinox, Festival, Electronic , tribe, nature, tree, love, Peace

Impressions of Happy Clam Island (1) – around the landing point

There’s a homepage for Happy Clam Island and I visited it before I actually visited the island inworld:
“We are a virtual community in Second Life devoted to Peace and Higher Consciousness through music. Our magical venue, Organica, provides wonderful goa/psy and live music events, and our island exists as an educational portal and place of community where friends can meet and share ideas and talents as we prepare for an uncertain future. We celebrate nature and music at each solar point throughout the year at our Equinox and Solstice Festivals. There we gather in a rite of renewal to Life as we burn our Wicker Man and celebrate the Great Mystery”

On the homepage you find further information about live performances of dj’s, events & festivals, lounge & chill out and about the salon of earth, where people meet to discuss and learn about environmental issues in the physcial world.

Impressions of Happy Clam Island (2)

In the center of Happy Clam Island is a venue called Organica. That’s where you land follwing the provided link. The first impression was – wow! It’s been a while that I saw something that colourful. It’s pure fantasy and it is beautiful, it’s art made of pixels and light effect. Always changing, no single view is like the other. An aurora borealis dives the place in different colours continuously. I went to “Heartseed of Organica” where you find a colourful stage. I assume that is where the dj’s perform.

Impressions of Happy Clam Island (3) – the 2 lower pictures are from Fairy Forest at Qee West

Exploring Happy Clam Island I noticed that it is devided into several parcels and each of it has it’s own name and belongs to other members of the Happy Clam Island Citizens group, which was founded by Finn Zeddmore. Just a few parcels were not used. The parcels are of different size, some may also have skyboxes. But they all fit in into the colourful fantasy world.

Impressions of Happy Clam Island (4)

Next to Happy Clam Island are 2 homesteads. One of them, Qee West, is an extension of Happy Clam Island and it belongs also to the Happy Clam Island Citizens group. A larger part of Qee West is occupied by Fairy Forest, owned by Kini (Kini Delicioso).
The other homestead, Chakryn Forest, is a romantic forest, not fitting exactly into the fantasy world of Happy Clam Island, yet lovely as well and it also provides space for art and some hiding places. Chakryn Forest is founded by Bettina Tizzy.

Impressions of Happy Clam Island (5) – the 2 upper pictures are from Chakryn Forest next to Happy Clam Island

There’s so much to see and discover at Happy Clam Island that I could just get a first impression during my one hour simploring tour. As it’s really hard to pick a single highlight, just look at the pictures I took to get an idea about what you will see when you visit yourself.

Impressions of Happy Clam Island (6) – Diomita the flying dj and one aerial picture of Happy Clam Island with Qee West (left side) and Chakryn Forest (lower side)

At the end of my visit, I noticed a flying object and I sat on it. It turned out to be a flying dj’s desk and I made some nice pictures of me in it, with Happy Clam Island building a perfect background.

Landmark to Happy Clam Island
Homepage of Happy Clam Island

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