Diary 2018 (191) October 24th – our 10th wedding anniversary inworld

When I came inworld at night on Wednesday, October 24th, our 10th wedding anniversary, slave kelly and Angelique were inworld and I went down seeing them. Angelique had a really thoughtfully selected present for Jenny and me, a sculpture named “The Lovers”. When Mistress joined us later we selected a place for it and took some pictures. Thank you, Angelique!

October 24th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique and slave kelly at the sculpture “The Lovers”, a gift that we received from Angelique for our 10th wedding anniversary

We had in mind exchanging our vows for our anniversary at some romantic place, but Mistress changed the plan spontaneously and we went over to our stonehaven patio. Mistress placed slave kelly and slave Flo, who had come inworld as well in the meanwhile, at the wall and we locked and leashed them there. Angelique had to stand in the middle.
Then Mistress asked me for my vow. I said my vows kneeling to my wife, Mistress and property and confirmed my unconditional submission to Mistress Jenny. Then Mistress Jenny said her vows promising her control, her care and her love, and also promising granting green lights to exercise my ownership of her. Angelique was our witness and slave Flo and slave kelly did decorate us very well.

October 24th: Impromptu celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary. Diomita and Mistress Jenny exchanging their vows with Angelique as our witness and with slave Flo and slave kelly decorating us

After this short, spontaneous ceremony, we retreated to our skybox, where Angelique had the assignment to leash us for some time of togetherness. That was to remind us of our honeymoon, which we spent in this skybox 10 years before with the obligation not to leave it for one week.

October 24th – our 10th wedding anniversary inworld: Angelique leashing Mistress Jenny and Diomita at their skybox for some togetherness

Angelique went to bed and Mistress and I enjoyed the rest of the night as a couple (no picture of course).

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