Simploring 2018 (93) Rusty by Cica Ghost

On Sunday, November 4th, I made a spontaneous simploring tour in the early evening and visited Cica Ghost’s newest Installation called Rusty, that opened that very day.

Impressions of Rusty by Cica Ghost (1)

As the name already gives away, Rusty is rusty. It’s an island with a surface seemingly made of an iron sheet with a chess board pattern and some fields are rusty. The island is covered with an old plant, and of course the single elements of that plant are rusty. There’re some areas covered with flowers, and these are .. rusty.

Impressions of Rusty by Cica Ghost (2)

From the very beginning of my visit I had fun at Rusty. I kept the windlight setting. It is dark and the sky looks a bit threatening but it fits perfect for Cica’s installation. Each and every element of the “plant” is different and often you find little living rooms inside at the top of them, accessable by ladders.
Rusty birds have found their home at Rusty. And as it is Cica’s style these birds are comparably big and have big eyes that seemingly look at you. They sit on poles, on large rusty plants, on pipes and power lines. You can take a ride on several vehicles, which are extraordinary like a huge cat on wheels or a swimming mouse. You can choose different poses and dance on the head of the huge cat while it drives around the plant.

Impressions of Rusty by Cica Ghost (3)

Like a cameo appearance Cica began to hide one or more of her famous cats in her newer installations. I found the cat also at Rusty and it conjured a smile in my face.
Very funny is also that one of the plant elements is like a big chicken. You can climb up to it and sit “inside” over 3 eggs, that the chicken had layed. Cica added even more fun elements. On a platform that connects two of the living rooms at the top of the plant elements you can do a box fight. Cica provides the bozo gloves for the fight – and there’s another living room nearby with more chairs for the audience watching.

Impressions of Rusty by Cica Ghost (4)

A bit aside of the plant is a house that looks like the former energy supply of the plant or possibly the former control center of it. Actually, after exploring Rusty, it seems to me being more a little town rather a former plant side. At least it was transformed into a living place. Cica’s rusty birds and other animals found their place here as well as humans who installed their little living rooms and took over the place which looked so abandonned and rusty on the first glance.
The longer you explore Rusty, the more details you discover. For example that some of the living rooms are colourful and stick out in this rusty environment. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t discover everything.

Impressions of Rusty by Cica Ghost (5)

As always Cica didn’t write a detailed landmark description but provided a quote, this time the quote is from Joseph Addison, an English essayist, poet, playwright, and politician (1672 – 1719): “Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.”
This fits perfectly as visiting Rusty conjures a smile in your face and washes away your worries for the time you dive into Cica’s world and enjoy it.

Thank you Cica for clearing away the rust 🙂

Landmark to Rusty by Cica Ghost

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