Simploring 2018 (94) The Yellow Lodge At Warm Springs

For my simploring tour on Sunday, October 21st, I had in mind to visit a sim which features the colours of autumn. But instead of visiting a new sim, I checked some older destinations. The first two that I tried, were gone but Warm Springs, that I visited three years ago back in 2015, is still available. You can read my simploring report about it here “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers (II)“.

Impressions of Warm Springs (1) – overview and landing point

The name of the sim has changed. It’s now called “The Yellow Lodge At Warm Springs“. When I arrived it felt immediately familiar. I landed on a pier, that was decorated with some pumpkins and with gear used to fish lobster. I knew that I have been here before and at least the pier hasn’t changed. Then I started my simploring tour and explored the whole sim on foot.

Impressions of Warm Springs (2)

Warm Springs consists of two islands that are connected by a covered bridge, an element that reminds me of my visits to the Northeast of the US in RL. The pier and the landing are on the smaller island. Across the covered bridge is a lighthouse that towers the two islands and looks like one of the many picturesque lighthouses on the Northeast coast of the US. I climbed up and enjoyed the view from the top of it.

Impressions of Warm Springs (3)

Is there much to see? Well, first of all the foliage is great at Warm Springs and you can enjoy the views. Some pictures I took look like painted with watercolour. Walking around and visiting the beaches is just fun. On the smaller island are two nice residental homes. They are furnished and decorated inside and they offer nice places to sit in and outsit.

20181021 The Yellow Lodge At Warm Springs_052

Impressions of Warm Springs (4)

On the bigger island are also two houses and one of them is the Yellow Lodge, the reason for the new name for the sim. This house is different and it was not there when I visited the first time back in 2015. It’s not a New England residential home, it is built of stone, it is yellow of course and it is home for several cats. The in and outside is extraordinairy colourful, with a touch of art-deco and a touch of the 1950ies.

Impressions of Warm Springs (5) – The Yellow Lodge

Warm Springs is a moderate homestead, owned by Irina Forwzy. Irina described it as “a picturesque, tranquil, romantic sim with quaint houses and the beauty of nature. Reminiscent of the Southern Atlantic states.” I can only agree! But for me her island is located in the Northeast of the US firstly because of the colourful foliage and secondly because ot the signs for Lobster.

I enjoyed my visit a lot, like a short trip into the beauty of Autumn. Thank you Irina for sharing your sim with the public.

Landmark to Warm Springs

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