Simploring 2018 (98) Hinansho

My simploring tour on Friday, November 2nd, led me to Hinansho. Once again I picked the landmark from SL Destinations. Hinansho is a homestead owned and created by Akeno (akeno kaligawa). The landmark description is short: “Hinansho, a realistic japanese anime-like scenery.

Impressions of Hinansho (1)

I’ve never been in Japan or even in Asia in real life, hence all I know about it is from reading or watching tv. Hinansho does fit into my picture of Japan. It is a small town, the roads are narrow, the houses are small, everything is quite neat. There are small gardens, small oasises of peace. Nonetheless there’s a large playground, a quite large public park and a graveyard.
I explored the whole town and peeked into most houses. Some of them are empty inside but you can walk in and they are mostly tiny inside as well. But some of them are furnished. There’s a laundrette, a barber, a cafe and a bar. In one road close to the playground is a market with several market stalls. Just opposed to the graveyard is one relative large Japanese residential home that is furnished inside.

Impressions of Hinansho (2)

During my visit I was not alone in Hinansho. Several other people were visiting as well and their names were written in Japanese characters. That added to my feeling that I just made a short trip to Japan. I like how Akeno succeeded to put quite a lot houses into the limited space of a homestead, still leaving enough space for elements like the park and the graveyard. When you’re inside of the town, you feel like being in a bigger Japanese town. And there’s still room for small gardens as I would expect it.

Impressions of Hinansho (3)

I enjoyed my short trip to Japan. Thank you, Akeno.

Landmark to Hinansho

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