Simploring 2019 (42) Two sides of Japan – Tokyo Street and Umi

Lately I saw pictures of Tokyo Street on SL Destinations several times and I read a bit more about it in some blogs. I learned that Tokyo Street is part of a (moderate) sim created by Paradox Ivory. It’s located on a seperate platform in 2.000m altitude. On the ground level of the same sim is a Japanese costal village named Umi.

Paradox Ivory says about herself that she’s a dreamer, a prim addict and a sim designer. In her picks I found a comment about Hinansho, a Japanese sim that I visited last year (see Simploring 2018 (98) Hinansho): “I love this Sim, its one that has inspired me since I first visted“.
And I found pick about SSOC, another sim that I have visited before (see Simploring 2017 (78) A Metropolis in Second Life): “Another Amazing Sim that helped inspire me before I even realized I wanted to create my own

Impressions of Tokyo Street (1)

In the landmark profile Tokyo Street is described as follows: “As the sun goes down the streets come alive. Nothing sleeps in the city. Enjoy a walk through lantern lit streets or take in some tasty street food while you enjoy the unique atmosphere of this densly packed tiny Tokyo city.”
I started my simploring at Tokyo Street using the teleport to Subway Entrance NW.

Impressions of Tokyo Street (2)

It is an amazing place to visit. When you leave the subway station you enter a small street lit by lanterns, full of life, restaurants, shops and clubs. It really looks busy and it looks how I expect Japan to be (I never was there in RL). It is really packed full with details and ittook some time to load the textures but it was worth the time!
Once I left this area, I entered what a large town with skyscrapers, some smaller buildings which seemed to be leftovers from a long time ago. The city has everything, a police station, a train station, parks, a fair, many shops and restaurants and another area with small streets with a second subway station Entrance NE.

Impressions of Tokyo Street (3)

The city is really impressive and I took many pictures. I zoomed out to get an impressions of its size. It feel way bigger inside than it is actually. I love all the details. Many shops and buildings are furnishedand you can walk in and sit down. Tokyo Street is a further development of SSOC with a touch of Hinansho. Great!

Impressions of Umi (1)

I continued my simploring tour visiting Umi. What a contrast! And yet it is still Japan. Umi is a fisher village. It has two rows of houses arranged in a half circle. While one row nestles up against a huge hill, the second row faces the see and every house as sea view and most a pier for small boats. Again I enjoyed the many details. The houses are small, they are all furnished and every square inch is used (just as I picture Japan to be).

Impressions of Umi (2)

I explored almost every house, I just left out 4 houses that were marked as private residences. After visiting Tokyo Street I enjoyed the peacefulness of Umi. But there’s more. I dared to climb the hill, I enjoyed the view from the radio tower on the top ofthe hill and I disovered a nice fisherman hut at the other side of Umi.

Impressions of Umi (3)

My short visit to Japan was impressive. Having these 2 places with it’s connecting and opposing elements combined in one sim is really outstanding. I recommend that you switch on your sounds to hear the noise of Tokyo Street and the peace of Umi.

There’s so much to see, so many details to discover that time really flew by.
Thank you Paradox Ivory for sharing your sim with the public. I really enjoyed my visit to Japan.

Landmark to Tokyo Street (Subway Entrance NW)
Landmark to Umi

Dio’s 11th year in Second Life Feb 11th, 2019 – Part II

Yesterday, I had my my 11th anniversary of joining Second Life.
It has become a tradition for me to write a longer blog post on the occasion of my rezzdays, to have a look back on the last year and to realize the changes in my Second Life as well as the things that didn’t change. Yesterday, I published Part I of my anniversary entry and talked about my closer family and the changes in my family. Today’s part 2 is about my simploring tours and other highlights of my 11th year.

Let me start with my simploring tours, and there were many! I admire the creativity of artists in this virtual world, I visited galleries like DaphneArts, La Masion D’Aneli, Diotima, Niflheimer Art Gallery, the Alphalune Creations gallery of Berry Richez, the VOIR gallery and lately the gallery of Gem Preiz. I explored 8 installations and 2 exhibtions of Cica Ghost, who always conjures a smile in my face. I attended several light shows of Mario2 Helstein.
I also saw and reported about quite some installations that were supported by the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) like Gem Preiz’ Demiurge, The Labyrinth Experience or Light thoughts 4 and many more. In the meanwhile I know a little bit of the art scene in Second Life and I am looking forward with curiosity to my 11th year in SL and the art I’ll see.

Gem Preiz’ Demiurge – opened until End of June 2018

Lullaby by Cica Ghost – overview and Cica’s snail

I found many cosy and lovely sims where people buildt their own dreamworld, peaceful and picturesque. You don’t need many prims or a large place for it, Sweet Paradise of the Darks and Cake are examples for that. Most of these dreamworlds were homesteads: Maison de L’amitié, Wild Edge, Season of Joy, Hinansho, Glenrosa, Winter Moon, Adele, Baileys Norge, The Silent Mind, Chochou … just to name a few. In these sims I spent relaxing hours and enjoyed the views and the peace.
Some were really particular. I want to mention the Zany Zen Railway, a tiny, almost cute railroad crossing several sims. Zimminyville did impress me too with it’s two so different parts, the lovely picturesque town and the moon colony. And just rescently I visited The VR Planetarium Dome, not only an instructive place, but offering great views and also lot’s of fun.

Impressions of Zimminyville (5) – the pyramid, gateway to Zimminyville moon colony

The VR Planetarium Dome – Space Station Resort (1) – Landing and entering the capsule

Then there were the sims that have a real background, where a place in the physical world was build in Second Life. This way I got a picture, an idea of the real places and my visit gave reason to do a little bit of research. The Beguinage of Bruges (in Belgium) was one of these impressing places and I spent some time learning about this place in the real world.
I never heard about the Isle of May, Achill Island, Black Bayou Lake or Rummu – now I have the feeling that I’ve been there already, not only because I read about these places and saw pictures but I got a 3-dimensional impression in Second Life.
Outstanding was also the visit of the Chateau of Clagny, a place which doesn’t exsist anymore. In Second Life it came back to existence.

Impressions of the Beguinage of Bruges in Second Life at Dagger Bay (2)

I also discovered many places related to my kinky side, to BDSM. That’s another dream you can live in Second Life and I do. Unfortunately some of these places don’t stay long like the Knot Society, Club Fem, Silent Manor or Mastering the Zen.
I discovered Meadow Rose, a perfect combination of a dreamworld, cosy and picturesque but also with it’s kinky corners. I was also impressed by The Citadel, a combination of art and kink. We visited the Tentacles, a park which was created by our friend Starbright Wingtips. We also visited the Steampunk prison of her.

Mastering the Zen – Diomita enjoying bondage at the top Level of the tower

Impressions of Meadow Rose (2) – beautiful views

Thank you all for building, for creating and for sharing your dreams with the rest of the community. And please apologize if I did not mention all of my tours, it were simply too many. I did really enjoy all of my simploring tours!

What else happened in this 11th year?
Again way more than I expected before reading back my own blog. And way more than I can summarize in this blog entry. We had several 10th anniversaries: Kitty’s 10th collaring, Jenny’s 10th rezzday, Jenny’s 10th collaring, Mistress Jenny’s and my 10th wedding anniversary. We also had 2 weddings at our sim, held in the chapel that was once errected by Danii Szydlowska.
Angelique performed at the Little Princess Ballet Academy Show in February 2018. She also spent a lot of time “working” as a maid at the Hilltop Manor located in The Apostasy. Angelique spent a short time serving at Sainte Agathe Castle. And together with slave Flo Angelique “worked” at the Paradise Finishing School.

LPBA Dancing through Time – Angelique Maurer (pictures by Starry)

slave Flo and AnneWanne were our twin drones and provided a lot of fun for us, mixing them up as Flo drone and Drone Flo. Later we had quite some time where our slaves were Rubber Rocket Dolls. Trying to tempt people touching the rocket boobs and getting Rubber Rocket Dolls themselves when the rockets hit them, was fun.
Our slave kelly was rented out for more than 2 weeks to Antony (antonygift) and made some new and exciting experiences away from her owners.

Mistress Jenny became more and more the (not secret) decider in the background as my submission to her got deeper and deeper. My red lights, when she takes full control were very intense, in particular as my submissive feelings got stronger each time. This way my green lights were highlights for me in this 11th year and I look forward to those Mistress will grant to me in my 12th year. Mistress Jenny now got a mesh head too, it was my present to her for her 10th rezzday in March 2018. She’s just adorable in every way!

Mistress Jenny Maurer with her new mesh head in March 2018 (left) and November 2018 (right)

We also still enjoy bondage in all forms. We tried out new racks and new toys like the serious plug pear or the serious nipple rings. The slaves, in particular slave kelly, made some incisive experiences with the pear.

May 7th: slave kelly leashed by the serious plug at Lochme

I continued creating one “Enjoying Bondage” picture per month, that always also highlighted the activities of the according month.
Last but not least we had our great Friday night parties every Friday. We think that it might be the longest regular weekly party in whole Second Life with a duration of more than 11 years. Virgo is still our dj every week and we enjoy starting our weekends dancing and chatting amoung friends. Thank you, Virgo!

Enjoying Bondage December 2018 – varied fun: Mistress Jenny, Ehesklavin Diomita, slave Flo, Jenny sitting on slave slut cecy, “piggy” slave kelly, Jenny suspended in a hogtie (above slave kelly), Diomita sitting on slave kelly, Jenny suspended upside down, slave Gwen and Angelique (from left to right)

October 27th at the Friday Night Halloween Party: Virgo Babii, Angelique Maurer, Florence Riddler, Baroness Capelo

Mistress Jenny and I as well as the core members of our little family are embedded in a great community of friends, we know some of them way over a decade now, some for several years and some are new friends of ours. Even if not mentioned by name in this anniversary blog post, these friends do mean a lot to me. SL is first of all about people and it’s you all who make my and our SL what it is: Still going strong, still enjoyable and still exciting! It was a great 11th year in Second Life and I look forward to the 12th!
Love from Diomita

Simploring 2018 (98) Hinansho

My simploring tour on Friday, November 2nd, led me to Hinansho. Once again I picked the landmark from SL Destinations. Hinansho is a homestead owned and created by Akeno (akeno kaligawa). The landmark description is short: “Hinansho, a realistic japanese anime-like scenery.

Impressions of Hinansho (1)

I’ve never been in Japan or even in Asia in real life, hence all I know about it is from reading or watching tv. Hinansho does fit into my picture of Japan. It is a small town, the roads are narrow, the houses are small, everything is quite neat. There are small gardens, small oasises of peace. Nonetheless there’s a large playground, a quite large public park and a graveyard.
I explored the whole town and peeked into most houses. Some of them are empty inside but you can walk in and they are mostly tiny inside as well. But some of them are furnished. There’s a laundrette, a barber, a cafe and a bar. In one road close to the playground is a market with several market stalls. Just opposed to the graveyard is one relative large Japanese residential home that is furnished inside.

Impressions of Hinansho (2)

During my visit I was not alone in Hinansho. Several other people were visiting as well and their names were written in Japanese characters. That added to my feeling that I just made a short trip to Japan. I like how Akeno succeeded to put quite a lot houses into the limited space of a homestead, still leaving enough space for elements like the park and the graveyard. When you’re inside of the town, you feel like being in a bigger Japanese town. And there’s still room for small gardens as I would expect it.

Impressions of Hinansho (3)

I enjoyed my short trip to Japan. Thank you, Akeno.

Landmark to Hinansho