Simploring 2018 (100) The Beguinage of Bruges

For my simploring tour on Saturday, November 17th, I selected Dagger Bay from SL Destinations. Inara Pey has written a nice and detail post about Dagger Bay that inspired me even more to visit Dagger Bay (Exploring Dagger Bay in Second Life).

Dagger Bay and the adjacent homestead (South Haven Bay and Haven Bay Hunting Estate) are owned by Jaysun Dagger. According to Inara Pey the sim has been designed as something of a team effort. The landmark description is literally inviting: “We invite you to visit the beautiful Village of the Beguinage of Bruges and surrounding countryside. Please enjoy a walk on the forest path or relax in the coffee house along the canal with a snack or something to drink.

Dagger Bay – overview

In the center of the sim is the Beguinage of Bruges. I looked it up on wikipedia and found following information:

A beguinage, from the French term béguinage, is an architectural complex which was created to house beguines: lay religious women who lived in community without taking vows or retiring from the world.

In the first decades of the thirteenth century much larger and more stable types of community emerged in the region of the Low Countries: large court beguinages were formed which consisted of several houses for beguines built around a central chapel or church where their religious activities took place, and often included also functional buildings such as a brewery, a bakery, a hospital, and farm buildings.
The Beguinage of Bruges is a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO
(source: and

Impressions of the Beguinage of Bruges in Second Life at Dagger Bay (1)

Impressions of the Beguinage of Bruges in Second Life at Dagger Bay (2)

The landing point is just at the entrance to the Beguinage. From there I first explored the complex. It is built with an extraordinairy love for details and when you compare pictures of the Beguinage of Bruges in the physical world with those taken at Dagger Bay in Second Life the similarity is intriguing. Well done!

The Beguinage of Bruges – UNESCO World Heritage site

I walked through the Beguinage and also looked inside, where you can discover a lot more. The cafe next to the museum is a noce place to sit. In one building you find pictures of the Beguinage of Bruges in real life. The chapel is fully furnitured and decorated inside. The court is just beautiful. And then the beautiful colours of autumn. I was overwhelmed and of course I took a lof of pictures.

Impressions of the Beguinage of Bruges in Second Life at Dagger Bay (3)

But there’s more to discover at Dagger Bay. The Beguinage of Bruges is surrounded by several small and larger islands which are all connected by bridges. The islands and the vegetaion are beautiful. I enjoyed walking through the forests and couldn’t get enough of the colours. There’re several residential houses. All of them are extraordinairy designer homes, places at least I dream to live in. They are furnished as well but I didn’t look inside except of one, which I called the palace as it looks like a palace from the in- and outside.

Impressions of Dagger Bay – residential homes

Of course I also visited the gazebo, which is situated a bit aside and offers a lovely view into the nature.

Impressions of Dagger Bay – the “Palace” and the gazebo

To sum it up, Dagger Bay offers a visit to the Beguinage of Bruges, a real tourist landmark in RL and in SL, along with a beautiful designed nature sim, that gleams in the colours of autumn.
Thank you Jaysun Dagger for providing this gem to the public! I enjoyed my visit a lot.

Landmark to Dagger Bay
Wikipedia sources about the beguinage
Wikipedia sources about the beguinage of Bruges
Inara Pey’s blog post “Exploring Dagger Bay in Second Life”

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