Simploring 2019 (3) Nevgilde Forest

Between the years I found some more time for simploring. On December 27th, 2018, I picked Nevgilde Forest from SL Destinations. Nevgilde Forest is “now open to the public for people to explore, hang out, and take pics in our scenic woodland and beach sim. Events, entertainment and performances starting in January, so come join our group to keep informed.”

Nevgilde Forest Overview

The landing is in a forest next to a board with information. There I grabbed a notecard with a background story, which is quite elaborated and describes what you can discover here:
If you walk through the forest a little bit towards the west you’ll find a small trail. If you follow that trail and how it winds this way and that for about 30 minutes (Remark: it just takes a few seconds in Second Life) you’ll start to smell the sea and hear the seagulls, and if you continue, the sound of the waves breaking will follow. Along your path is evidence of others having walked the same road long ago and now you see light through the trees ahead and you can finally make out the ocean.
The forest opens up to reveal a field and a couple of buildings. Up on a little hill is a small house and to your left is an old barn looking run down, but still standing and even further down is a beach. Grass and dry leaves crunch under your feet as you explore and find little treasures scattered all around, old furniture, forgotten bikes and vehicles. At first it all looked to be completely abandoned, but you soon realize that there are several signs of people having been here recently.
Someone left their coffee by the campfire, a cigarette is still smoking in the ashtray, in the barn a pot of tea is still hot and a makeshift stage is set up on the beach with drinks on ice. Suddenly this old place has come to life yet again with music, laughter, love and friendship.
This farm has a lot of stories to tell and even more to make, please join us and breathe life into the Nevgilde Forest.

Nevgilde Forest – campfire and atelier

Right next to the landing point is the above mentioned campfire place and the wreck of an old tractor. Walking out of the forest to your right is one of the two buildings of Nevgilde Forest, I called it the atelier. It is cosy inside and the glass front offers a nice view over the land and the sea.

Nevgilde Forest – exploring

The main part of Nevgilde Forest is grassland and there you find objects scattered around, bikes, furniture and hand barrows. I sat down on the tractor there, that offers some sitting poses.

Nevgilde Forest – the old barn

The main buliding is a barn, or better the rests of a barn. It looks abandonned on the first glance. Two walls are missing and and old car and other garbage is laying around. But inside you can see that it is inhabited. There’s even an upper floor with a bed and a tv, but no ladder to get there. It is fun to explore the little details there.

Walking further I came to the dance area and public beach. Outstanding is a row of 5 chairs from where you have a nice view over the beach. The two flagpoles behind the chairs have flags from the US and Norway.

Nevgilde Forest – dancing area and beach

Nevgilde Forest is owned by Sarge Red (sargered) and Neaira Rose Allegiere (Neaira Aszkenaze). Sarge is from the US, Nearia is from Norway – that explains the flagpoles. Sarge contacted me during my visit and welcomed me. He gave me some background information and later he also gave me a tour.
Sarge makes buildings and things like that, most of which are farm and country related. Neaira is specialized in landscaping in Northern European nature and style. Neaira is also blogging, here’s the link to her blog. On a platform above Nevgilde Forest is a store area for their joint venture store SRI (Sarge Red Insustries) and for Neaira’s store (she makes more than just landscaping). As mentioned above both own Nevgilde Forest, which covers a quarter sim. The store area is already accessible but not opened officially.

Nevgilde Forest – store area, Fernwood Gardens and private area

Sarge showed me what I didn’t see before. Nevgilde Forest isn’t just the corner of the sim, that I explored before. Actually is expands over a 1/4 of a full sim. There’s a passage through the rocks that separates the corner from the rest of the sim. And behind it is a nice public park – Fernwood Gardens. Sarge is designing if for photographers. The big brick house next to the park is his private home, hence not public. He gave me a tour to it nonetheless.

Nevgilde Forest and the store are still developing. As mentioned in the landmark’s description, there’re events, entertainment and performances planned that shall start in January.

Nevgilde Forest has been visited by Inara Pey already and she took some great pictures. Her simploring report is elaborated as usual (read Nevgilde Forest in Second Life in her blog). I enjoyed my visit to Nevgilde Forest. It offers a lot of opportunities for taking pictures and to just hang around and chill. Thank you Sarge Red (sargered) and Neaira Rose Allegiere (Neaira Aszkenaze) for sharing your place with the public and thank you Sarge for the tour and all the information.

Landmark to Nevgilde Forest
Landmark to the store area
Neaira Rose Allegiere (Neaira Aszkenaze) blog
Inara Pey’s blog post – Nevgilde Forest in Second Life

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