Simploring 2019 (4) Mesmeric Cove

For my simploring tour on Saturday, December 29th, 2018, I selected Mersmeric Cove from SL Destinations as the pictures looked great. The landmark description sounded tempting as well: “Mesmeric Cove is an idyllic seaonsonal rp community sim with picturesque views,vacation & rental homes, honeymoon, restaurant,hangout, scholars hall, ballet theatre & more”

Mesmeric Cove – overview

Mesmeric Cove is a full moderate sim, it’s group owned by the group “Mesmeric” and the group itself is owned by a bot. Arriving at Mermeric Cove is an experience in itself. You get greeted nicely when you arrive at the landing point, which is at the train station:
-Mesmeric-: As you step off the train, a rush off warm steam brushes your face. You make out the faint shadows and glows of light of what looks like a quiet town, or is it? Your curiosity impels you too travel deeper. Can you unlock the history of Mesmeric Cove
The first views caused a “wow” for me. The scenery is just lovely and beautiful, the houses look cosy, the sounds do fit, it is lightly snowing. Accordingto the season there’s a Christmas tree in the center of the court. In the background you see a gondola lift leading up to a high mountain.

Impressions of Mesmeric Cove (1)

I began exploring and it was fun. I took the lift and went up to the mountain. On the top is a nice restaurant and a little bit below of it is a sauna, perfectly arranged as Winter sauna.

Impressions of Mesmeric Cove (2)

Where ever you turn your view you get leovely views and I took a lot of pictures. The town is built with great love for detail and I had fun exploring it, seeing the covered bridge that leads over a river, seeing the waterfall and the railrod, seeing some deers and the sleigh rides. Some of the houses were decorated for the season, some are small, some are huge villas. At the coast is a lighthouse, a promenade and a hot-air balloon. Unforuantely the balloon didn’t work for me, maybe because I didn’t join the group. The two bigger buildings in the town are a school and a theatre.

Impressions of Mesmeric Cove (3)

Mesmeric Cove is an outstanding well and thoughtfully created sim and I wanted to know more about it. The sim is owned and was created by Yosh Shi Juan (macximuss zsun) and ḋυсќïε ρøρṡ Juan (candyharlequin), a couple from the US and Europe. They love too deco and just wanted to create someting old timey feel that can change through the seasons.
There are residential homes available and some, vacation homes that are pre decorated. The sim can be used for roleplay or just to enjoy the environment. They are still building out sorority and fraternity type builds, for teen hang outs. That explains the two big buildings, the school and the theatre. Yosh and duckie finance it by their own and by the rentals and donations. The sim is changing with the seasons, which is a good reason to return for me!

Impressions of Mesmeric Cove (4)

For what reason ever you visit Mesmeric Cove, be it to rent a vacation home, be it for roleplay or be it for taking pictures – it’s worth a vist. I’m already curios to see it in Spring. I enjoyed my visit. Thank you Yosh and duckie for sharing your sim.

Landmark to Mesmeric Cove

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