Simploring 2019 (38) Illicit Sculpture

I came across Illicit Sculpture by SL Destinations once again. Illicit Sculpture is a new gallery space in Second Life owned by Sweet Bliss (evedelombre), she is also the curator and the first exhibition is about her art.

illicit Sculpture – the entrance to the gallery

You can grab an information notecard at the entrance of the gallery. In It you find more about Sweet Bliss and her intentions with the gallery. It touched me, because if shows how important Second Life and it’s possibilities is for some of it’s residents.

illicit Sculpture – Exhibition catalouge

I first joined Second Life back in 2007 as Morbid Emor. Since then I have had various incarnations in this wonderful pixel-filled world. Second Life has been a lifeline to me at many points over the past 12 years. I am disabled, queer and mentally ill and Second Life enables me to be and to experience things in a totally unique way free from real world restrictions.
This current endeavour, the Illicit Sculpture Gallery, is purely to enable me and others like me to express ourselves free from the constraints of the “real world”. I would never be in a position to own my own art gallery in real life.
The gallery aims to be free for all and will be maintained via any donations received to pay for Linden Lab fees. Thank you very much for your interest in the gallery. If you are an artist who would like to exhibit your work, please contact the gallery

Defiant (acrylic on canvas) (upper left) / Disdain (mixed media) (upper middle) / Untitled (monotype print) (lower left) / Loss (acrylic on canvas) (lower middle) / Journey (digital photography) (lower right) / Self-Portrait (digital 3D imagery) (right side)

Going further inside there’s adesk where you can donate and where you can grab a catalogue. The catalogue explains the background of each picture. It’s a restrospective of Sweet’s last 12 years, an achknowledgement of the supportshe received with the virtual world of Second Life
Her art is impressing, comprises different styles and techniques, and the texts provided by the catalogue gives each piece a particular meaning.

illicit Sculpture – Sweet Bliss: A Dangerous Dozen

The exhibtion is opened until April 19th.

Thank you Sweet for providing the place for the art. Good Luck with the new gallery!

Landmark to Illicit Sculpture
Illicit Sculpture Website
Illicit Sculpture on Flickr

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