Dairy 2019 (41) March 17th/18th Enjoying a relaxed green light

Sunday, March 17th, was a quiet day. I was inworld several times, but none of the family was present and I knew that Jenny was prevented to get online due to her RL. Hence I decided to visit a gallery (Simploring 2019 (36) Second Life Blue by WuWai Chun).
At night it became a bit more busy and surprising as well. First Arka (Arkahelle Janus) came inworld and visited her old home. Arka was our sub back in 2012 and she shows up very rarely and takes long breaks of Second Life. Nonetheless it’s nice to stay in touch.
We also got another (submissive) visitor, Chrstin (Christinvega), who once attended our party in November last year. She can’t remember anymore who brought her to the party, which gave reason for some banter. Christin had been looking around at our homeplace several times and I spoke to her once about a week before. Sunday afternoon, she joined Jenny, Arka , slave Flo and me at our house for a short while.

March 17th at home: Arka (Arkahelle Janus), Chrstin (Christinvega), Diomita, Jenny and slave Flo

As Jenny had a busy Sunday RL we just had a round of greedy with slave Flo, after Arka and Christin had left. Then Jenny and I retreated to our skybox and we had some time of intimate togetherness (no pictures *winks*). We went to bed early.

Monday, March 18th, I had a short simploring tour in the afternoon once again and visited a Japanese shopping event (Simploring 2019 (37) Baroqued).

At night I took my property Jenny to Heavy Bondage Club. We met slave kelly there and she told us her latest news. She’s onwed again, but poor slave kelly is allowed run around dressed and unrestricted. What a decline of attitudes! slave Flo and slave slut cecy joined us shortly after at Heavy Bondage Club, but it was barely possible to have a private group chat as lag was too high.

March 18th at home: Diomita and Jenny watching slave Flo spoiling her sister slave slut cecy

Therefore I took Jenny and the slaves home to our Stonehaven patio, where Jenny and I relaxed watching slave slut cecy being licked by slave Flo. It was highly predictable that slut cecy promised to do everything for being allowed to cum in SL and RL – this time she promised slave Flo that she will dust for 30 days *coughs*. Anyway, the slaves did entertain us well.

And that’s it once again for the diary.

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