Simploring 2019 (39) Baroqued Orientilika

For my short simploring tour on Monday, March 18th, I picked Baroqued Orientilika from SL Destinations mostly because that there was no information about the place, just a picture and Japanese characters.

Impressions of Baroqued Orientilika – Shopping in Japan (1)

Baroqued Orientilika is owned by Kamo. It is a complex of 8 identical 3 stories Japanese buildings arranged in 2 rows with 4 buildings each. The buildings are surrounded by an alley of cherry trees on 2 sides, by altars, buddhas, arches and statues of elefants on one side, and on one side by an entrance building with 2 high rise temples on each side. It’s an impressive complex – held mostly in red and very Japanese.

And what is it about? It’s shopping mall, a place to take pictures, an a place to meet. I don’t know if it is a temporary event mall or if it is a permanent mall, I assume it’s open for a limited time.

Impressions of Baroqued Orientilika – Shopping in Japan (2)

The shops are only on the ground level and they are all decorated very well and not just vendors. There are a lot shop spaces that are fill with photo scenes for taking solo pictures or couple pictures within a 3D environment. I didn’t count them, but there’re quite a few.

Last but not least, it’s fun to explore what’s around the 8 buildings, the many temples and the elephants. There’re also some possibilities to sit and chat (with your friends after shopping *winks*) and the cherry alley is really nice and inviting for taking pictures.

Impressions of Baroqued Orientilika – Shopping in Japan (3

As I can’t read nor speak Japanese, I couldn’t find out more about Baroqued Orientilika. But it is refreshing different to the shopping malls, that I saw in Second Life so for. Have a look yourself 🙂

Landmark to Baroqued Orientilika

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