Simploring 2019 (51) Dreams & Magic Exposition at Lyric Gallery

Recently I got an invitation from Michiel Bechir to attend the opening of another exhibition at Lyric Gallery. I had visited the Lyric Gallery the first time in March 2019 (read here).

Lyric Gallery Dreams & Magic Exposition: exhibition poster (upper right) / Diomita at the entrance to the gallery (upper middle) / “Ride a Dragon to Your Castle in a Distant and Magical Land” by *♥*Nat*♥*~ / “Fairies At Play” by Jojo Songlark / “Lost” by Kat Verde-Dillingham

I attended the opening party and I had a quick look at the exhibited pictures. They are all from an photo contest named “Visual Feast – Dreams & Magic” and they can also been see on flickr here.
Of course they all deal with Dreams & Magic, a fantasy world that you can buildt for your own in Second Life.

Lyric Gallery Dreams & Magic Exposition: at the opening party / “‘So long’ is the hardest word to say” by Simon Sonnenblume / “Following the light” by Viktor Savior / “Those moments where thoughts navigate in a kind of inner peace” by Venicio Armin

I had fun dancing and looking at the pictures, some of them are intriguing and each of them stands for a dream, that came alive in Second Life. Thank you Michiel for inviting me over, for managing the contest and for preparing the exhibition at Lyric Gallery.

The Lyric Gallery:
Exhibited contest pictures on flickr

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  2. Michiel Bechir
    Apr 27, 2019 @ 11:34:55

    Thanks for your visit and blog!


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