Simploring 2019 (51) Dreams & Magic Exposition at Lyric Gallery

Recently I got an invitation from Michiel Bechir to attend the opening of another exhibition at Lyric Gallery. I had visited the Lyric Gallery the first time in March 2019 (read here).

Lyric Gallery Dreams & Magic Exposition: exhibition poster (upper right) / Diomita at the entrance to the gallery (upper middle) / “Ride a Dragon to Your Castle in a Distant and Magical Land” by *♥*Nat*♥*~ / “Fairies At Play” by Jojo Songlark / “Lost” by Kat Verde-Dillingham

I attended the opening party and I had a quick look at the exhibited pictures. They are all from an photo contest named “Visual Feast – Dreams & Magic” and they can also been see on flickr here.
Of course they all deal with Dreams & Magic, a fantasy world that you can buildt for your own in Second Life.

Lyric Gallery Dreams & Magic Exposition: at the opening party / “‘So long’ is the hardest word to say” by Simon Sonnenblume / “Following the light” by Viktor Savior / “Those moments where thoughts navigate in a kind of inner peace” by Venicio Armin

I had fun dancing and looking at the pictures, some of them are intriguing and each of them stands for a dream, that came alive in Second Life. Thank you Michiel for inviting me over, for managing the contest and for preparing the exhibition at Lyric Gallery.

The Lyric Gallery:
Exhibited contest pictures on flickr

Green Acres by Michiel Bechir

On Monday, April 22nd, I got a call from an artist friend of mine, Michiel Bechir. Michiel’s art deals with pictures taken within Second Life. By editing them Michiel tries to add a personal touch and feeling. I wrote about Michiel already before this year (read Simploring 2019 (29) SH Tutti and Michiel Bechir at Lyric Art Gallery).

Michiel has read my blog post about Green Acres, the sim that provides the three R’s. Rustic. Rural. Retreat, owned by Alsatian Kidd (read Simploring 2019 (47) Green Acres). My blog post inspired Michiel to visit himself and he took a picture quite similar to one I took over there and he edited it. The result is amazing.

Michiel Bechir – Green Acres (original can be seen at

Thank you Michiel 🙂

Simploring 2019 (37) Second Life Blue by WuWai Chun

Recently I visited Michiel Bechir’s exhibition at Lyric Art Gallery (read here). He gave me an hint and pointed me to an exhibition at LA Gallery called Second Life Blue – and I went there Sunday, March 17th.

Impressions of “Second Life Blue” by WuWai Chun (1)

The exhibition “Second Life Blue” by WuWai Chun is located on the 2nd floor of the gallery. You enter the exhibition through a vestibule with an explanatory text about the pictures and about a charity organisation named Feed a smile, Live and Learn in Kenya”.
When you click on the picture a menu comes up. Select “Info” and you will see where the picture was taken and get a link to Flickr with the rawcap and more information. You can also buy the exhibited pictures. All proceeds from the sale of images go 100 % to the NGO “Feed a smile, Live and Learn in Kenya

Impressions of “Second Life Blue” by WuWai Chun (2)

In the vestibul are 3 pictures, 2 monochrome and 1 coloured picture. The exhibition “Second Life Blue” itself starts in the next room and contains 12 pictures. As the name implies the exhibition area is submerged in dark blue light and the pictures are also blue-ish. All show art (the one on the poster is from Mistero Hifeng), people or landscapes. The images are processed from snapshots taken in Second Life and as described before you can look up where the rawcap was taken and you can see the rawcap itself.

Impressions of “Second Life Blue” by WuWai Chun (3)

No surprise that the artist, WuWai Chun, describes herself as a creative reporter in Second Life. The exhibition is a fitting selection of pictures and each of them invites you to take a closer look at it. I appreciated that WuWai gave away the places itself and that you could see the difference between the rawcap and the artful result. My personal favourite was nonetheless a monochrome (unprocessed) picture exhibited in the vestibule, showing a girl standing more or less puzzled in front of an urinal.

Thank you WuWai for the nice collection of your images and thank you Fuyuko ‘冬子’ Amano (wintergeist) for providing the LA gallery.

Landmark to LA Gallery

Simploring 2019 (29) SH Tutti and Michiel Bechir at Lyric Art Gallery

Monday, March 4th, I visited Lyric Art Gallery to see the exhibtion of SH Tutti and Michiel Bechir. I came aross it following Inara Pey’s “Living in a Modemworld” blog where I read about her visit to the exhibition (Chalkboards and photographs in Second Life).

The Lyric Art Gallery is embedded in a modern fantasy roleplay sim called “Sea Island Modern Fantasy Roleplay”. The provided landmark leads directly to the entrance of the gallery. The gallery itself has 2 stories. On the ground floor the art of SH Tutti is exhibited, on the 2nd floor that of Michiel Bechir.

Lyric Art Gallery

I haven’t come across SH Tutti (secondhandtutti) and Michiel Bechir before. SH Tutti (secondhandtutti) is quite shortly in Second Life, she joined in September 2017. She says about herself:
I can create things whether people like them or not, it doesn’t matter, for it comes from inside me and for those willing or open to knowing me, they will see who I am through my builds, my art. Welcome to my world!
Despite her comparably short time in Second Life, she had already several exhibtions. She runs a store at the marketplace and writes a blog. The exhibtion at Lyric Art Gallery shows her chalkboard art. She took pictures from SL and processed them so that they look like being painted with chalkboard. And to make it even more evident, there’s an eraser and a piece of chalkboard at each exhibit.
The processing into chalkboard pictures provides a new persective on what we see in Second Life. I read in SH Tutti’s notecard, which you can grab at the exhibtion, that a doll, she named it Nomi, is hidden in every piece of her art. Can you see it?
Along with the 14 chalkboard pictures, three large sculptures are exhibited at Lyric Art Gallery

SH Tutti (secondhandtutti) at Lyric Art Gallery

As opposed to SH Tutti, Michiel Bechir is quite a while in Second Life already (since 2007). Michiel art deals also with pictures taken within Second Life. He says about himself:
I have started my long virtual journey as a photographer in Second Life in 2009.
First my main motivation was to share the richness of creations of all those different sims, with all their aspects. I discovered the options offered by several photo tools, which helped me to improve the shots I captured. By editing them I try to add a personal touch and feeling.
Michiel’s pictures are impressive as the processing makes them more colourful and highlights the beauty or the original picture. It’s nice to recognize places, I’ve been to myself like Dunkirk – La Digue du Braek  or Wild Edge.

Michiel Bechir at Lyric Art Gallery

I enjoyed my visit to Lyric Art Gallery. Thank you SH Tutti and Michiel Bechir for this nice and inspiring exhibtion and thank you to those that provided the spave for the art. I assume, that’s AineMari Flanagan, who founded the group that owns “Sea Island Modern Fantasy Roleplay”.

Landmark to Lyric Art Gallery
Inara Pey’s blog post “Chalkboards and photographs in Second Life”
SH Tutti (secondhandtutti)’s blog