Simploring 2019 (91) Nevgilde Gaard

For my simploring tour on Friday, August 16th, I picked Nevgilde Gaard from SL Destinations. Nevgilde Gaard is 1/8 of a full sim, rated moderted. It is owned by Neaira Allegiere (Neaira Aszkenaze). The landmark description implies that there has been another place before: “Nevgilde Gaard is the second chapter in The Nevgilde Story. And as it’s predecessor is inspired by Norwegian nature and heritage.

The name Nevgilde rang a ball. I visited Nevgilde Forest December 2018 (Simploring 2019 (3) Nevgilde Forest). According to my own notes, Nearia was co-owning Nevgilde Forest at the time of my visit. Anyway, I checked and found out that Nevgilde Forest is gone. Is Nevgilde Forest the above mentioned predecessor sim?

Back to Nevgilde Gaard. It is a comparably small place but packed with beautiful views and nice seperated from the surrounding plots, so that you don’t see them when your at Nevgilde Gaard. The landing is on the almost highest point of the plot on a plateau in the woods. Nevgilde Gaard is designed like a section of a shoreline of a Norwegian fjord. There’s just a lot of forest in the background, a rocky shoreline, one single residential house, a short beach, a beck … and that’s it.

Nevilde Gaard – overview and around the landing point

From the landing point I walked across the beck to the house. I had a lot of beautiful views. Nevgilde Gaard is designed with love for the detail and everythings looks quite well fitting together. I just had some minor problems with getting all textures loaded.

Impressions of Nevgilde Gaard (1)

I visited the house and also had a look inside. It didn’t surprise me at all that it is nicely furnished. From the wooden terrace of the house you have a lovely view over the ocean (or fjord). A bit below of the house is a small beach with some more possibilities to sit and watch. Just opposed to the beach is a small island with a place to camp and a nice view over the shoreline.

Impressions of Nevgilde Gaard (2) – the residential house

Nevgilde Gaard is a showcase for Neaira’s passion: landscape and design. She’s specialized in Nothern European nature and style.
In a skybox above Nevgilde Gaard is Neaira’s shop “NS Thrift Shop & Poses“, that offers decor, furniture, jewelry and couple’s poses.

Impressions of Nevgilde Gaard (3) at the beach, view from the small Island on Nevgilde Gaard and NS Thrift shop

Nevgilde Gaard is a very beautiful corner of Second Life. I like the atmosphere of peace and nature of it and I had kind of a little time-out while I explored and enjoyed. Thank you Neaira Allegiere (Neaira Aszkenaze) for sharing Nevgilde Gaard with the public!

Landmark to Nevgilde Gaard
Landmark to NS Thrift Shop & Poses and NeaScapes
NS Thrift Shop & Poses on the marketplace

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  1. John
    Aug 26, 2019 @ 16:55:00

    Reblogged this on KULTIVATE.


  2. Neaira
    Aug 27, 2019 @ 14:33:28

    Thank you so much for making such a lovely blog post about my little space. I am so glad you liked it and found much to explore.
    The texture loading is a problem as I struggled to contain myself when decorating. I am working on it and future updates will hopefully be better:)
    Thank you again for wantig to visit❤


    • Neaira
      Aug 27, 2019 @ 16:23:33

      I forgot to confirm that Nevgilde Forest was the first chapter in the Nevgilde Story. Nevgilde Forest moved sims two times and the third time – with me also flying solo in the sim ownership department – I did not want to keep repeating the same design. Hence the Nevgilde Story was born with Nevgilde Gaard as the second chapter.


  3. diomitamaurer
    Aug 27, 2019 @ 17:47:37

    thank you very much for your additional Information About Nevgilde Forest and Nevgilde Gaars and how they are connected.


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