Simploring 2019 (103) Twilight Doors – part I

For my simploring tour on Thursday, September 26th, I selected Twilight Doors from SL Destinations. Twilight Doors is located on a 1/4 of a full adult sim. It is owned by Bo Zano (Bozanonl Resident). The landmark description reveals a bit of what Twilight Doors is about: “Studio for quality scenes and back drops

You land in a night scenery, it is raining and you see lightenings as well as clouds and stars. The moon lightens the scene, the floor is flooded and the lights reflect on the surface of the water. You see many doors, some flowers, ravens sitting on the door frames, other animals, dogs, cats and a flying dolphin liven up the scenery. The whole set up is really artistic in my personal opinion and worth a visit for itself.

Twilight Doors – Landing in the scenery with the doors

Each door represents the entrance into another scene. The doors function as teleporter to 17 different backdrops, scences and artistically designed installations, 3 more doors don’t lead to another scene (yet?) . I visited all 17 desitinations and some of them did really impress me. Above each door you find the name of the according destination.
I classified the destinations into landscapes (Autumn Leaves, Royal Hunters, Brids and Bees), indoor backdrops (Skybox Scenes Dark and Light), art and light installations (Flowery Nightmares, Flesh, Rise, Alien Flames, Two Moons), fantasy (Dolpins Cry, Twighlight Dolphins, White Serenity, Angel Falls, Snow White) and others (Aww Cute, Key to Survival).

Of course I made pictures of every destination. And it really wasn’t easy to select single pictures or destinations, hence I decided to present all 17 destinations to provide an impression of what to expect when visiting Twilight Doors. In addition I liked them almost all and wanted to keep the pictures for myself as a memory in this blog. I present the different destinations in the order in which I visited them. I split my blogpost into 2 parts. This part (part I) presents the destinations: Flesh, Dolphins Cry, Rise, Snow White, Flowery Nightmares, Birds and Bees and Royal Hunters.

Flesh is an art installation with a demon head in the center, blood is running out of the demon’s eyes as if it were a fountain. It’s a bit scary but nonetheless tantalizing.
Dolphins Cry is an underwater fantasy installation with dolphins, jellyfishs, seahorses and mussels, some pillars and ruins from the ancient world are used as a decoration.

Twilight Doors – Flesh (upper left) and Dolphins Cry

Rise is another art installation and difficult to describe. It is a mountain moon landscape in the back ground with rising, lighted keys in the foreground. For sure you can take outstanding pictures with this backdrop.
Snow White is a white winter fantasy world with a gazebo inthe center and 2 unicorns.

Twilight Doors – Rise (left) and Snow White (right)

Flowery Nightmares is an art and light installation that really facinated me. Two fields of flowers and one field of skulls (hence the name) are place into a dark blue environment and lighted very artistic.

Twilight Doors – Flowery Nightmares

Birds and Bees appeared to me being very small on the first glance. And I first just saw a deer in a forest. After I get closer and closer I saw 2 brids and a bug and the different sizes of them provide a facinating depth to 2-dimensional pictures.

Twilight Doors – Birds and Bees

Royal Hunters seemingly take you into a British forest, a foggy and hazy environment. I thought I could almost hear the royal hunters.

Twilight Doors – Royal Hunters

Twilight Doors provides a lot to explore and discover. It is a paradise for those who like taking pictures and it is perfect if you look for outstanding backdrops and scenes. I really enjoyed visiting. Thank you, Bo Zano (Bozanonl Resident), for providing and sharing all the scenes for everybody!

More about the other destinations of Twilight Doors in tomorrow’s post “Twilight Doors – part II”

Landmark to Twilight Doors

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